Monday, January 14, 2013

Post Christmas Randomness

Matt had to work a few days while his parents were here, so we had some fun while he was at work! Matt's parents were trying to take a reverse picture with their camera, and I was just in the background laughing and finally asked if they wanted me to take a picture for them! It was fun to watch :)

Attempt at reverse picture taking...

second try with me taking the picture... turned out a bit better, right?

Matt's parents stayed in a hotel after Christmas, and it had a pool so we were excited to take Emma for a swim. We soon found out that the pool was located outside in a shed type building and the water was not that heated! We had to dive in though, since we told Emma we would go swimming. The water wasn't too cold, but we didn't stay in there long! Emma's teeth were chattering by the time we were done, and we threw her in a hot shower afterwards. It was a fun memory for sure!

I was of course in the hot tub while Matt swam with the babe :)

She LOVEd it, it could have been freezing water and she still would have loved it

I love this face, so perfect and beautiful!

Emma is in love with a singing bear that Aunt Betty got her for Christmas, we have heard "O Come All Ye Faithful" too many times to count!

Charlotte was blessed by her Daddy on December 30th, 2012-- it was a great day.

While Matt's parents were in town, we took Emma sledding for the first time. She made it down the hill twice and then refused to put her gloves on so we went home. Maybe next year she'll get it!

The remainder of our Holiday was spent relaxing and watching Emma bond with Gramma and Granpa, here's some more random pictures:

Emma dancing to her singing bear

Doing backbends with "Poppa"

This is love!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season! It goes too fast, especially when we have amazing visitors staying with us. I think I've finally gotten through all our pictures from Christmas, but turns out we keep taking more of the girls, so the blogging never ends! 

The Twistles

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