Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Night Time Addiction

I've discovered my night time addiction. 

The new season of SMASH starts in a few weeks, so I thought I would catch up on last season to see if I liked it. I LOVE it. Since Charlotte goes to bed late (11p.m.) I have a few hours to watch it after putting Emma to sleep. It's your classic scuzzy drama show, but I've totally gotten into it. I have about 6 episodes left of season 1, and then I'll start watching the new season. I haven't gotten into a show on TV in a long time, so it's a nice escape from Mommyland. 

Katherine McPhee is amazing in it, and has a wonderful voice. It's not a show that I would normally get into, but I do love me a good Musical, and that's pretty much what the show is about. 

I suggest you start watching it, so we can be addicted together and talk about it! 

Okay. Deal. Go.

Season 2 starts February 6th, so start catching up!

Addicted to SMASH-Rachel

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