Thursday, January 31, 2013

Irresponsible Parentals

We went to do our taxes last night. It was super fun to get the girls packed up and in the car, only to leave without filing our taxes. Nothing is more irritating than coming home with nothing to show for our travels (especially with kids). 

You know with your first child, you hold on to everything baby related? For the most part, you keep track of all the new documents, information, and phone numbers for this new said child?

With the second, apparently for us, we didn't think any of that was necessary. Nah, we got this. Second child paperwork? No problem. We'll just put it right... over... wait, where did we put it??

We cannot find Charlotte's SSN card, and have no idea where it would be. 

Way to go Mom and Dad!

We know it's in our house somewhere, because we both remember having a discussion about it when it came in the mail. However, where it was put is a mystery to us. 

We have looked everywhere, and will most likely have to visit the SSN office to get another one. THEN we can do our taxes. UGH. 

I'll let you know if it turns up!

The Irresponsible Twistles

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