Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mitch's Birthday!

Time literally flies. It doesn't seem that way when I'm in the middle of my week doing dishes and picking up toys for the umpteenth time, but when I take a second to think about it, I realize it's already the end of January! 

2 weeks ago we went to Classic Fun Center to celebrate Mitchell's 5th birthday party. 

Emma. Had. A. Blast. 

I mean, this girl has no fear! She wanted to jump in every single bounce house and go down every single bounce slide, no matter how big or high it was. I even told her to put her hands up as we went down, and she did it all the way down! Each time after that she put her hands up high in the air before going down the slide. 

Crissy did a great job coordinating everything and all the kids had a fun time! Happy Birthday Mitch! I can't believe you're 5 and so big and knowledgable, we love you! 

Thanks again Crissy for inviting us and making everything so fun! We appreciate you letting us come and celebrate Mitch's birthday with you :)

The Twistles

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