Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Trick!

I love my Charly, to the point of obsession. 

I just can't get enough of her smiles, coos, and laughs!

I love reliving babyhood again, and watching these souls in little bodies investigate the world they are in. As of late, Charlotte has discovered her cute little baby tongue. As she coos and talks to us, she sticks out her tongue like a little turtle, and then brings it back in and plays with it in her mouth. I got this video while in church on Sunday:

What a cutie pie she is!! 

Here's a few pictures of her cute tongue action:

Can you say, lucky Mama? Saying that I'm thankful for this little one doesn't even come close to the gratitude I feel every day as I look at her sweet face. I don't always feel like I deserve it, but I am indescribably happy that she is ours. Mommy loves you Charlotte baby!


Emma's Makeup Tutorial

Emma loves when she gets a hold of my lipstick and calls it, "Mommy's flip" and puts it on her lips. I have yet to show her how to take off the lid, but I know it is inevitable that she will figure it out soon enough. I also know that I will soon see lipstick on the walls of our house, and I'll take a picture of it for keepsakes. I love my Emma. Love, love, love.

The Twistles

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Day At The Park

The sun came out today! It was about 35 degrees this afternoon, and as cold as that sounds, it felt so warm! Such a gorgeous day. 

My friend Lizz told me about West Jordan Park a couple months ago, and we had yet to visit it until today. It is awesome! There is a really nice wooden playground, lots of grass to run in, and a little toddler playground as well. After running a few errands this morning, we stopped at the park to let Emma run around. She had so much fun! I can't wait for spring and summer to get here so we can take her to the park more often. 

Emma played on the playground, threw snowballs with Daddy, and swung on the swings. It was a good day!

Charlotte was soakin' up the sun in her carseat and being adorable as ever! I just can't imagine life without this happy little girl in our lives. 

Emma loved, loved, LOVED the swings! She did not want to stop swinging, and kept telling us to swing with her. 

We didn't get all our errands done, but stopping at the park was a great pit stop and I'm happy that we got to see Emma play. Sometimes it's good to put our "life to-do list" aside and just have fun like kids do. Not a care in the world. So much to learn from these little babes!

Happy Saturday everyone!

The Twistles 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Diaper Dumps

I don't think the future Charlotte will appreciate me posting this video, or even recording it for that matter, BUT I had to document it. If you aren't a parent, I'm sorry in advance. 

Once you become a parent, you'll find yourself having conversations about your child's recent bowel movements, spit up, nap times, and scrapes. Well this video falls under--- "recent poops that seem like a lot of work"

Charlotte really gets into her diaper dumps... I mean... REALLY. 

The video is 2 mins long, but worth it to see Charlotte work her magic. 

Sorry Charlotte, just remember Mommy loves you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Languages For Our Littles

Okay, so I'm on a parental high today, and finding lots of great articles and videos on parenthood today,  sue me! (seriously, don't though.)

Matt forwarded this article to me today about the love languages of our kids. I'm sure you've all heard of the love language book for adults, but the same authors also made one for kids. Awesome, right?!

Read the article here!

This article talked about time and the love language for your children. Turns out, they have a love language too! It's up to us to figure it out, and stick to it. The idea of "all kids are the same" when it comes to parenting, is a fictional idea that should go away forever. Every child is an individual, and has individual needs and wants. 

Happy Wednesday!


He's Far But Close...

The internet is amazing, and with just a few clicks your day can completely change. I was on FB today reading my friends posts, and one particular post stood out from a bishop of mine in my old neighborhood. It was a link to a blog about being a Father and taking time to really be with your children. You can read the entire post here. 

What stood out to me in this blog, was the video. It had me in tears with the realization of Fatherhood and how much our children depend on it. Our kids will always be taken care of, because of Matt. I will be forever grateful to him for what he's done for me and the girls. 

"The small home I help provide, is their world."

Isn't it true with our Father in Heaven as well? This small planet he helps provide for us, is our world. He's far, but always close. By being parents, we can understand how it all came to be. What a gift. I will do my best to remember how my life came to be, and be thankful for every minute of it.

I hope this added some inspiration to your day, please share this with those you love! 


Picture Post!

Now that I've posted an insightful and intriguing look into our life, it's time for pictures! I know, you just can't get enough of us. That's okay, I can't either. 

Charlotte loves when she locks eyes on Emma, she is fascinated by her!

Just a little Mommy snuggle time...

Nap time at the Entwistle house...

Mr. Man aka, Ryno

We went to Macey's the other night to pick up a few groceries, and they had a mini cart for kids. Emma thought it was the coolest thing.

Shopping makes you thirsty!

Emma's new phrase is: "I do it? Yeah?" and "Me too" whenever I say I'm going to do something. Recently it was, "Me wash dishes too? Yeah?" So she got to "help" me wash dishes. Really she just played in the water in her "pretty" skirt. Same thing, right?

"I'm so NOT making a mess Mom"

I love my little ladies!!! 

The Twistles

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

So tired. 

So ready not to be tired anymore. 

So NOT ready for my little Charlotte to be big enough that I won't be tired anymore... 

I just want to have my sleep filled cake and eat it too! Is that too much to ask?

On another note...

Have you ever had that anxious feeling when you are waiting for upcoming events? I feel like we have a lot of things coming up in the near future, but I can't prepare for them yet because it is still too far away. It is driving me crazy! 

We are waiting for our tax returns to come back, so we can pay off some much needed medical bills and debt. *tearful cheers* Grown up life stinks.

I am still in the process of planning Emma's 2nd birthday party, but need money from our tax returns to pay for it... so the planning has been stalled until we get the "dolla dolla bills yo."

We are heading up to Idaho in March to see my sister and her family, so excited!

End of March we are "going back to Cali" as LL Cool J would say, to visit Matt's Aunt Marilyn and his parents who are meeting us there. 

We are dealing with being desperately broke until Summer, when Matt's commission checks will hopefully pick up (More Waiting). Our time of struggling with money has overstayed its welcome, and I am looking forward to having sufficient for our needs soon! 

Matt has been a freaking Rockstar (much like my beloved beverage), by working his tail off at work, and dealing with pressure and stress that I will never comprehend to provide for us. I still pinch myself when I think that I am a stay at home Mom. It feels surreal, and it's all because of Matt that I get to do it. He's amazing. 

I am grateful for the struggle, because it will make us appreciate the time when we aren't struggling anymore. (Just wish it was over already... waiting, waiting, waiting)

Hurry up and Wait already!!

The Waiting Twistles

Friday, February 8, 2013

4 Months Old (Almost)

Charlotte is the cutest little nugget, and gets cuter every day! When she catches our eyes, her face lights up with the biggest smile! I. Just. Can't. Stand it!!

So stinkin' cute. 

She mastered rolling over last month, and has now moved on to rolling over and holding her head up. She loves it. I walk away for a minute, and return to find her 2 feet away of her original position on her tummy passed out. When she sleeps on her tummy, she goes into a deep slumber that not even the screams of her big sister can bring her out of. 

She is an extremely happy child. So happy and content, that I forget I have a 3 month old in my living room sometimes. Talk about low maintenance! 

I've learned to go with her flow. In the past, I have tried to feed her because it had been 2 hours and she "should" be ready to eat, but she would just smile at me as she spit out her milk and let it slide down her little cheekies. She would look at me like,

"Mom I was totally fine, not sure why you're trying to feed me. I'm just chillin' quit harshin my mellow. "

The only times she gets upset, is in the middle of the night when she wakes up to eat. She is ready to eat RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately I have to wake myself up and hurry to the kitchen to make her bottle, which according to Charlotte, is wildly unacceptable. 

I hear her mad cry when I make it back to the bedroom, but once she gets her food she falls back asleep as she gulps down her milk. 

She also is funny when she is really tired. She will fuss/cry when she is really sleepy. Almost like she is agitated that she isn't sleeping. We will usually move her from the floor to her chair or vice versa, where she will quickly fall asleep. 

Yep. That's it. That is our angelic child. You have my permission to be jealous. Frankly, I don't know how we lucked out with two mild girls. GIRLS... aren't they supposed to be divas? 

Maybe that will come in their teenage years, and in that case I will enjoy my easy children while they are young in preparation for their wild and dramatic teenage years. 

Oh, have I mentioned lately that I love being at home with my girls? Sure, I don't always get out of my pajamas (or EVER), and it has been a hard transition from having adult conversations to asking Emma not to color on the walls for the umpteenth time, BUT I am grateful that we don't have to worry about the cost of daycare for both girls. I am ecstatic that we don't have to wake up the girls at 6:30 a.m. to take them to daycare so that we can get to work on time. Emma has gone from waking up at 7 a.m. every morning to 8:30 a.m. and sometimes even 9 a.m. each morning. 

The best thing? I get to watch every moment of my girls lives as they learn, grow, and turn into sweet little ladies. 

The next time you see Matt, give him a huge pat on the back (or buns, whichever you prefer) for working so hard for us and making it possible for me to stay home. It has made all the difference in our lives, and there is no way that I could leave our girls right now. Matty, you are my hero!

And now for your viewing pleasure, lots of pictures of our girls!!

Until next time!

The Twistles