Saturday, March 24, 2012


Last night, I went out to dinner with two of my best friends. Susie was in for a short visit from Arizona, so she asked if Lizz and I would go out to dinner with her. We all met up at Happy Sumo at the Gateway Mall, and had a great time. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a very long time. We reminisced about highschool, and had our own little mini-reunion as we recounted all of the fun memories we had together. I love these two girls, they have been with me through the hardest points in my life, as well as all the fun times. Next time Lizzy, lay off the sake! ;) just kidding. After the week I had, it was the perfect way to end it by spending time with these lovely ladies.


She's walking!

Emma has been walking all week, and every time she stumbles she gets right up and tries again. It's as if she is determined to get this walking thing down. She loves her new freedom of being able to walk to where she wants to go, and hardly crawls much anymore. We are so proud of our little peanut!! It is so fun to have her walk to me, because she sets her eyes right on me and walks over with a look of pride and delight on her face. Love her! 

The Twistles

Mexico! (part three)

For our last Mexico adventure, we went to some Mayan ruins in a city called Tulum. We left around 10 a.m. and took a 20 minute bus drive into the city. Once there, we bought our tickets and had a tour guide take us into the ruins. There is definitely a spirit present once you walk in, that I felt instantly. We have read that some experts believe the ruins of Tulum is the actual place where the Nephites lived, and where Christ appeared to them. If you would like to read more about that, click here. There is a feeling of reverence once you arrive, and we found ourselves whispering in respect. The whole city is spectacular, and walking through we were able to see each building structure. Most were ruins, but there were some still intact. It is amazing to me how they functioned day to day, living off the land and figuring out the terrain. The main temple, is built on a 40 foot cliff, to prevent enemies and natural disasters from invading it. It was just all amazing. 

This was my biggest day of struggle though; it was so hot and I felt so miserable, that my smile in most of the pictures is not real. Because of the pregnancy hormones, I was on the verge of a breakdown a few times, but I held it together (I'm not a public crier). Emma did not last on this excursion either, and fell asleep in the stroller. The ocean again looked so enticing, but we decided against going down to the beach. I just really wanted to go home, I was feeling quite done being in the heat and humidity. 

Once we got back to the market, just outside of the ruins, we had lunch. Ice cold coconuts filled with fresh milk, quesadillas, and shade. It was wonderful (Emma LOVED the coconut milk). After that we took some pictures and I had a delicious, two-scoop cup of caramel and chocolate ice cream that cost about $9. It. Was. Worth it.

I am so glad I was able to see the ruins, even if I wasn't in the best of moods. I still remember how I felt walking in, how that feeling brought me to tears because it was so overwhelming. It didn't last long, and stayed for only a moment, but it was enough to testify to me that this is a place of reverence, and that many great and marvelous events took place here. 

Here are the pictures of our Tulum adventure, again, sorry for my fake smile in all the pictures... at least the scenery is nice!

The original red hands painted from the Mayans

The corner of this building is a face, we thought it was cool

This is the fertility temple

part of the city at a glance

The tour guide said this was the Kings house

This is for Owen, I thought of you when I saw this guy. He was huge!

This is the cliff that protects the main temple, they've made stairs so you can walk down to the beach. The waves were massive!

My comment was something like, "how do they dress like that, how did the ever dress like that?!"  These guys were in full covered, cotton cloth outfits, walking around and banging their drums... in 80 degree weather plus humidity. Must be some ritual.

"Mayan" people. They posed free for pictures, but then said they do it for tips. What the heck, right?

This was the bomb, I wish I could have more!!! So refreshing.

Emma drinking...
still drinking...

and yet, more drinking. She chugged the milk through all of my pictures, she loved it!

Emma sleeping on the way to the airport, going home!!
such an angel when she sleeps, but then again, aren't all babies?

We had a great time, and had some unforgettable experiences in Mexico. It was a lot of work taking Emma with us, but I can't imagine experiencing all of it without her. She had fun, and we will have some great pictures to look back on someday.

Yeah for Mexico!!

The Twistles

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mexico! (part two)

For our second full day in Mexico, we decided to stay put at the resort and play in the pool and try to relax. Our resort was beautiful, so it was an easy choice to stay there and take in the scenery. Emma is a fish baby, and loves the water. Even when her jaw is chattering from the cold, she refuses to get out of the water. Our friends let us borrow a swim toy for her to play in, which she enjoyed until she found out there was a way out of it. I swear, this girl has no fear. She tried pulling herself out a few times when we weren't looking. We decided to carry her for the rest of the pool time :) There's not much else to tell you about this day, so I'll just post a bunch of pictures to better show you how we spent our day:

sunset at the resort
The cove at our resort

her face is priceless, "seriously, Mom- another picture?"

Iguanas were everywhere!! 
before she found out she could escape the floating toy

playing in the pool all day is tiring!! Emma relaxing on the bed


All she wanted to do was walk back, and forth... looking at her feet the entire time 

another shot of the cove, this is where they did snorkeling if you chose to do it. I am not down with that, so we stayed on land. 

This was from the night before, at Matty's award dinner 
Emma posing for the camera, she's such a ham!
Sorry for the lack of description for this post, I am short for time and currently visiting family in Idaho, so I must get back. I have more pictures, so part three of Mexico will be coming soon! Hopefully. 

The Twistles