Friday, March 16, 2012

Mexico! (part one)

We got home from Mexico late Monday night, so I took Tuesday off to recover and to get Emma back on her usual schedule. The trip was amazing, and we all had a lot of fun!

Travel day 1: SLC airport
we all woke up around 5 a.m. so that we could get to the airport by 6 a.m. Our flight left at 7:30 a.m. Everything was seeming to go well, Emma was happy and content, and we felt good about getting to our flight in time. We step up to check our bags and get our plane tickets, and for some unknown reason (the lady couldn't explain why), Matt was held up for "security reasons". They wouldn't print his ticket, and they made him wait for about 30 minutes before finally clearing whatever error there was, and printing his ticket. All the while, I went through security with Emma, and headed to the gate to wait for him. Let me just say how much fun that was with my pregnant hormones, I was a mess! The only thing that kept me from breaking down into tears was that I was trying to keep it together for Emma. At about 7:20 Matt came running down towards us ticket in hand. Luckily, there was quite a line still of boarding passengers, so we were able to board and get on our flight. Talk about a close call!

Flight to Mexico: Are we going to survive this??
Our first flight was about an hour to Denver where we had an hour layover. When we got off that first flight, we looked at each other in complete terror and I said, "how are we going to make it on the next flight, it's 3+ hours". We barely survived the first flight with Emma, and it was only one hour. It's not that she screamed the whole time, she did great considering the circumstance. She just didn't want to sit on our lap the whole time; she wanted to play and to be entertained. Entertaining a 1 year old is hard work! Luckily for us, there was a sweet woman about my age next to us, and she loved playing with Emma. She had left her two kids at home for the trip, so she was happy to entertain her. The next flight was exhausting, but we made it. Emma took about a half hour nap, and was happy for the rest of the flight. We arrived in Mexico around 3 (I think, I never kept track of all the time changes), and then proceeded through customs and security at the airport. We then loaded a large tour bus, where Emma slept for the hour drive to the resort. We got to the resort, into our room about 6 p.m. We were pooped. 

There was a welcome party at 6:30 that we went to after polishing up a bit from our long travel day. It was strange to see that they served water bottles and soda from a can, instead of fresh water (which they don't have) and fountain drinks (which needs fresh water). All of the employees loved Emma, and obsessed about the "cute baby". They really love babies down there! A lot of Matt's co-workers left their kiddos at home for the trip, so they were anxious to play with Emma, which we were just fine with. As much as I think I would have liked to have a trip with just Matt and I, I never could have left Emma, at least not yet. This is our family, and we decided it would be a family trip, no matter how hard or stressful it got. 

We finally got back to our room, after a walk around the resort, at about 8:00 p.m. We gave Emma a shower (no bathtub) and put her to bed around 9p.m. She did great at night, she didn't fuss and went right to sleep each night. The resort provided a pack n' play for us to use, and it worked out well! After Emma went to sleep, Matt and I went onto the patio and relaxed on the hammock and read for awhile. We had a fabulous view of the ocean, and could hear the waves crashing on the beach while we read. It was awesome. 

First full day in Mexico: All inclusive? Yes Please!
We were pretty stoked about all the free food we were going to get. We felt a little like poor people on a rich trip, and were hesitant to get room service because we weren't sure if that was included. After talking to Matt's friend, who confirmed all the food- including room service- was included, we went nuts. Unfortunately, Mexico's food is mediocre. We ordered pancakes, bacon, milk, and omelets... but it didn't taste like anything American. It was a bummer, especially for me since I was craving good breakfast food. So we went to the restaurant that was also serving breakfast. They had a buffet style breakfast bar, and the food was decent. The fresh fruit was to die for, and they had great cheese and bread. I filled up on that, since anything they made that was "American" they failed horribly at getting right.  

After we ate, we went with Matt's co-worker Rob and his wife Nicole, to Playa del Carmen a city that is about 20 minutes away from our resort. We had full access to that resort as well, so we were able to play in the pool and go to the ocean there. The beaches there were absolutely breathtaking, the sand felt like you were walking in powdered sugar, and the water temperature felt like a cool 75 degrees. I am not big on the ocean, as beautiful as it is, I can't stand salt water. Every time I saw the ocean, it looked deceivingly refreshing, but all I had to do was walk in, to remember about the salt that overwhelms the sea. I will always be a freshwater girl. We did get some great pictures in Playa del Carmen, and also hit up the stores there. Emma couldn't fight the fatigue, and gave in to sleep in her stroller. So cute. We got home in the afternoon and put Emma down for an official nap, so that Matt and I could get ready for the awards ceremony later that night. During the ceremony, they call up each individual President's Club member to congratulate them, and give them a plaque. It was really nice, and Emma did well even though we didn't get home until 9:30. Congrats to my wonderful husband for your accomplishments! You got us to Mexico baby! Here are the pictures up until Playa del Carmen:

passed out on the drive to the resort

Pepsi Light=Diet Pepsi

taking in the view...

The view from our balcony, so amazing

The ocean at Playa del Carmen

Yep, salty... but gorgeous

The resort that we had access to, so cool!

She couldn't fight it any longer...

silent victory for Mom and Dad, when baby is asleep, we are happy!


Yes, they have a Haagen Das, and it's expensive! But so worth it.

our waiter thought this was pretty cool....

Emma was dancing to the Mariachi band that played for us

While we were eating lunch, a Mariachi band came to play for us. Emma was loving it, and started dancing and clapping her hands. I recorded it on video, so here it is!

More pictures to come... 

The Twistles

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