Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eviction Notice

Baby Emma:

You have prolonged your stay and shown us that you are not coming out on your own. I love you, but I absolutely cannot wait another week to have you here with us! You are hereby given your official eviction notice for Sunday, February 27th. You may still check out before then if you would like, and we won't have to evict. It is your choice! Your stay at the Hotel Uterus is coming to an end; I hope you've enjoyed the amenities for the last 10 months. Comment cards are not available, but you can cry if you want to. 

Best Regards,
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anniversary Book

This is an easy post, and I have a few moments of time before Emma wakes up :) I made this book on Shutterfly's website for Matt for our anniversary. It turned out so great and it was delivered last week. These are so much fun to make and so easy! I put pictures of us, and some of our favorite song lyrics in it to go with the pictures.

1 Year

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary (2/20/11), so I decided to put up a slide-show of my favorite wedding pictures (below this post). To celebrate, we went out to dinner the Friday before to Carver's steak house- it was so delicious! I can't believe we've been married for one year already, it went by so fast! I am so lucky to be married to my best friend, and can't wait to be sealed as a family in March. I am at a loss for words when I think of how blessed I have been in the last 2 years. It is a true testament that God loves us, and if we are willing to change He will immediately bless us. I have personally seen this happen in my life, as well as Matt's. The change is scary, and not easy; the pain unbearable at times, -- but the happiness you find when you come out of the darkness is so worth it. 

Happy 1 year anniversary to my amazing husband, I can't wait to spend eternity with you.

1 Year Anniversary slide show

Thursday, February 17, 2011

our kitty obsession

 Matt recently took some close up shots of Sasha and Ryno the other day, and I just had to post them! Sasha is such a beautiful kitty, and a good model too! She always gets into the most comfortable looking sleeping positions, it makes me so jealous! I totally wish I was a cat. Enjoy!

Sugar tucks her face into whatever she is sleeping on

Sugar and Sasha both love our new rocking chair, but they have figured out a way to share!

Monday, February 14, 2011


 We waited until the last month to put the nursery room together for the baby. I knew that if were to put it together any sooner it would just make time go that much slower! We really didn't pay for anything in the room, and I can't imagine having to! It is all so expensive once you start adding it up. The crib turned out really cute, and I just love it all. We find that it's very peaceful in this room, so we occasionally spend our nights here reading or playing with our kitties. 

As you can see, our kitties love this room too! Sugar and Sasha love the rocking chair, and we find them sleeping there often. Sometimes they even have to share :) Good thing we have plenty of lint rollers and a vacuum!

Baby Showers

So turns out it's been awhile since I've blogged- I'll be catching up on a few things in these next couple blogs- love it! 

I've had a couple of baby showers, the most recent was one my future sis-in-law and current sis-in-law threw for me. It was awesome and I got a lot of great stuff. Here are some pictures:

Crissy Making some seriously delicious cupcakes!

I got so many cute clothes for Emma!

Nicole got me a baby book, so cute!

Love this!

Sugar claimed the changing table that my Mom, Aunt, and G-ma got me

Thanks to everyone who came and gave us such great gifts! I also had a shower that some girls from work gave me, which was great. Matt's work threw him a surprise baby shower, and they somehow got my number at work and contacted me, telling me to come to his work and double surprise him! He didn't even know I was there until he was about ten feet away from me. It was really cute, and we got a lot of really nice stuff from that shower too. We have been so blessed to receive so much for this new little baby!