Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Showers

So turns out it's been awhile since I've blogged- I'll be catching up on a few things in these next couple blogs- love it! 

I've had a couple of baby showers, the most recent was one my future sis-in-law and current sis-in-law threw for me. It was awesome and I got a lot of great stuff. Here are some pictures:

Crissy Making some seriously delicious cupcakes!

I got so many cute clothes for Emma!

Nicole got me a baby book, so cute!

Love this!

Sugar claimed the changing table that my Mom, Aunt, and G-ma got me

Thanks to everyone who came and gave us such great gifts! I also had a shower that some girls from work gave me, which was great. Matt's work threw him a surprise baby shower, and they somehow got my number at work and contacted me, telling me to come to his work and double surprise him! He didn't even know I was there until he was about ten feet away from me. It was really cute, and we got a lot of really nice stuff from that shower too. We have been so blessed to receive so much for this new little baby!

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