Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday and kitties

Matty got me my favorite Spring flowers and a gift card
Sasha smelling the flowers...
Sugar smelling the flowers...
I don't have any cute babies to take pictures of yet, so we tend to take a lot of pictures of our kitties! They are just too cute, it's hard not to! 

I just turned 27, so for my birthday Matty took me out to dinner at Tsunami where we had some yummy, prego-approved sushi. Then we went to Coldstone and I got a pint of my favorite ice-cream (which I ate today, the entire pint...) Matty bought me my favorite spring flowers, that smell sooo good! I was surprised they were in bloom already. He also got me a visa gift card that I can spend anywhere. I have been way too tired this week to even think about shopping, which is pretty sad, even for me. I might try and go out this weekend to find something that will help me feel less pregnant- I know what you're thinking, "good luck" right? Well, it's worth a shot. 

       I just looked at my countdown, and I have 38 days to go! I have tried to stop counting how many weeks prego I am, and just focus on getting through January. I figure if I can make it to the first of February, then I'll be ok and she can come whenever she'd like. I keep telling her that she's welcome to come anytime after 37 weeks. I hope she's listening. 

As I was sitting at work this week, feeling Emma move around and jab my ribs, I had a slight panicked thought... this child, is going to have to come out somehow... um... did I think that through when I got pregnant? Yeah, this should be interesting...
Ryno is always in the sun

Sugar loves sleeping on our clothes, especially the clean ones

Matty and Sugar


  1. Love the pictures! Your kitties are totally cute. You will feel not so pregnant soon, but the tired will hang around for quite a long time and if you can believe it, you don't know what tired is yet! Hopefully I can be there to help for the first few days? Who knows.

  2. 34 days to go!!! I will be ok with the new baby tired, at least I will be able to get a comfortable sleep, even if it's only for a couple hours- right now, I'm just not getting any good quality of sleep. Hopefully you can be here! We'll see what happens!

  3. Rachey and Matty!! My two long lost friends! Thank you very much for inviting me to your blog page. It is so good to see you both again. You look wonderful and just like I saw you last. I miss you both it has been way too long (two years!!) I hope to see you both this weekend if the little girl doesn't spoil it. JK I am sure you are plenty ready for her to come out Rachey. Anywooh let me know, tomorrow night my house for dinner. Matty my mom misses you, and she hasn't even met Rachey yet. So be there or be square. By the way, love the blog page and the kitty pictures. What would life be without technology and kitties... right?