Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vacation Time!!

That's right, you read it correctly, we are going on vacation and it's going to be pretty fantastic.

This is how it all transpired...

Matt is hired at CompHealth, referred by a great friend Rachael from our old neighborhood/ward in Salt Lake City

He busts his... well, you know ... off and gains respect and dependability from the team that he supports. He does this from day 1. He has had sleepless nights, stressful days that have spilled into home life, and chaos from files that haven't always gone smoothly, but somehow--- he has always made things happen, and his files/doctors have received privileges, and he has gotten the job done.

The sales team he supports persistently gives him compliments and nominate him for awards. He has gotten multiple gift cards to restaurants and stores, bonuses, and extra cash. He was recognized by management and continued to work hard. 

All of these great co-workers continued in nominating him for the mega, all time, amazing prize, called "President's Club" where CompHealth gives selected employees and their families an all expense paid trip to Cancun, Mexico (the trip is different every year).

Matt was selected! I still cannot believe it. We are going to the Mayan Mexican Riviera for 5 days; we go in March!! Flights are booked. Hotel rooms reserved. Time off from work has been requested and approved. CAN'T WAIT!

This is where we'll be staying: Aventura Spa Palace... ahhhh

And this is what I'll be doing:

And this is where I'll be spending my time (with Emma and Matty of course):

I am definitely adding this to the top of my "reasons why my hubby is my hero" list. I am so proud of Matt and the accomplishments he has made since working at CompHealth. He has been there for a year and a half, and is the first person to receive this award in the first year of being hired. 

This also makes me feel so humbled, when I think of being in the right place at the right time. If I never would have moved into my apartment downtown, I never would have met Rachael, who ended up referring Matt to get his job. We owe her big time!

I sometimes wonder why certain people are brought into your life, only to cause pain. But maybe the people aren't what the focus should be on, it's the circumstance that remains after they leave. I know that everything happens for a reason. When you are walking through a rose garden, being abused by thorns, it's hard to see the purpose. It's only when you make it out of that prickly rose garden, and look back, that you recognize how beautiful it really is, and how you wouldn't change anything.

Mexico, here we come!!

The Entwistles

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blowing Kisses

I wasn't planning on blogging again today, but the video we took of Emma tonight was just priceless, so I have to document it while it's fresh in my memory. We had a Skype (internet video chat for those of you in the dark ages) conversation with Matt's parents tonight, and Emma was on point for cuteness. We have our computer hooked up to our TV, so Grandma and Grandpa Entwistle were on the big screen, and Emma would look up at them and smile and giggle. When they called her name, she would look right at them as if they were in the room. It was as if it was normal for her, that she could hear their voices, but that they were on the screen instead of here in person. She chatted away, played with the kitties, and even gave Grandma a good wave. The best part though, was when Matt's Mom asked if she could blow kisses- we told her she hadn't figured that out yet. Matt's Mom blew Emma a few kisses and then we moved on in the conversation. A few minutes later, Emma looked right at the TV screen, and started blowing kisses to Grandma. Matt and I were both shocked, because we had never seen her do that before, and also because she picked up on it so quickly! I know that her mind is growing at such a rapid rate, so we shouldn't be so surprised, but we saw it in person tonight as we witnessed our sweet girl mimicking something she had seen done twice. Now Grandma Entwistle has bragging rights that she taught Emma how to blow kisses over Skype :)

Prior to this, Emma had also done something exciting to us, and started drinking through a straw today. I know, something every child does, but it is so fun for us to witness all these amazing moments in her life! I am so glad we have the capability of documenting these times with video and pictures, priceless!

We love you Emma

The Twistles

Picnik Photo Editor

I recently discovered Picnik (a photo editing tool) via my Picasa photo viewer program. The basic version of Picnik lets you edit red eyes, contrast, and change your picture from color to black and white. I know, not a big deal. However, the Premium version lets you do so much more. You can use an airbrush tool, to literally make your skin look flawless (you know, like the models in the magazines). There is a teeth whitener tool, to make your teeth look like you paid way too much at the dentist office. One of my favorite tools in the premium version, is the spray on tan, to make you look less pasty white and more golden brown. Now, your next question might be, "premium usually means you have to pay instead of using the basic for free, right?" Right. Well, it used to be. I paid $25 for an annual membership to get the premium version, which has all these delightful tools.  However, good news for you! Picnik is closing, and they have decided that until April 19th, 2012 (their closing date), they will offer their premium editing tools to everyone, for free! The website is:

So, go use and abuse it, edit your pictures and make them look fantastic. I used this to edit our family Christmas pictures that you see on my home page. Yep, I am airbrushed, and I like it!

As for my membership, that I had to pay for, Picnik is refunding all membership fees to everyone, even if their membership was about to expire for the year. I am sure going to miss this website, but at least I'll get my money back!

Edit away my friends, for after April you won't be able to have that golden brown tan in your pictures, and your teeth won't be as white! 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitch and Mom Birthday

January was a birthday month for our family- There was mine, my Mom's and my nephew Mitchell's. Mitch and my Mom's parties happened to be on the same weekend, so right as we got home from house/dog sitting, we drove down to my brother's house for my Mom's birthday party. My sister made her cake, and all the kids pitched in to buy her a new (and badly needed) vacuum cleaner. I didn't have my camera for pictures, but we all had a great time! I love my family.

The next day was a paid holiday for us, and Mitch's birthday party as well. He had an official party at Chuck-E-Cheese, where he got his very own "medallion" and was sang to by Mr. Chuck-E-Cheese himself. I don't think I saw much of him or my other nieces and nephews for most of the party, other than when they came back to eat pizza and cake. They were all too busy playing arcade games and running around on their sugar highs. My sister-in-law Crissy did a great job coordinating the party, and made Mitch a pretty awesome dragon cake. She is such a great Momma to him and Jessica. Love her!

Even Emma got on some rides (with my help) and had some pizza and cake. She loved the pizza so much, that in all of the pictures we took, she is holding onto it with all her strength. She is definitely Matt's daughter, she loves pizza!! Thanks Crissy for an awesome kid party!

So past her nap time, but she was still so great!

Pizza in hand....

The birthday boy being honored!

You had to see the cake in person, it was amazing!

The idea was to stand in this, and grab as many tickets as you could as they blew around you... Mitch wasn't a fan

Ridin' dirty... and still holding her pizza...

She gets cuddly when she's tired, and Aunt Crissy reaped the benefits this time! Still has her pizza...

Love ♥
The Twistles

Emigration Vacation

We were given the opportunity to dog/house sit for our friend over the weekend, while she and her family went on vacation. I think this is the third time we have gone up to house sit for them. We love it, and Emma loves playing with the puppies. They don't run away like her kitties do at home! Staying there feels like a mini-vacation, because we are so secluded from everything and we really are far away from home. The house is beautiful, the view is amazing, and the hot tub is just what we need at the end of the day! You know it's a mini-vacation when you come home and you feel a little bit exhausted, and glad to be home at the same time. We love it up there, but we love being home even more! Here's some pictures from our weekend-

Matt's photo skills

sunset in the canyon, I should have gone outside to take it, but it was cold!

the work of Matty

Emma and Trixie, she loved her Trixie!

This was a great babysitter- she loved to take all the Legos out, and then put them back in

Chester was such a good pup, he let Emma do whatever she wanted to him

Mr. Chester

Everyone knows that the toys at other people's houses, are way more fun than your own

My happy girl
 Nothing too exciting, we were happy to help friends, and also have a nice get away for the weekend. "Staycations" are the best!

The Twistles

Reasons Why My Husband Is My Hero

♥ He drives up a canyon, on a snowy day, from our house in West Jordan, to help me fulfill a prior commitment to dog sit, when the backup plan fell through

♥ He kills insects for me, that invade our home

♥ He replaces the headlight in my car when it goes out

♥ He always gets me a Diet Pepsi on Saturday mornings

♥ He helps do bath time with Emma so I can blog

♥ He loves his Momma

♥ He respects his Dad

♥ He makes me happier than I ever thought possible

♥ He is always there with a hug, kiss, and "I love you"

♥ He doesn't get mad, when I come home with 3 pairs of shoes, instead of 1

♥ He takes out the trash, and refuses to let me do it (this includes the stinky baby diapers)

♥ He loves me more than I can comprehend

♥ He thinks I'm a good Mom, and tells me all the time

♥ He knows how to get me to smile
♥ He is patient with me when I don't deserve it

♥ He has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, and loves the gospel

♥ His laugh is contagious

♥ He makes silly jokes

♥ He loves our kitties

♥ He loves Emma, and is a "hands on" Dad- he loves to take care of her

♥ He works hard to provide for our family; he loves his job and is dedicated to moving up within his company

♥ He loves my family

He loves me for who I am; I'm not sure I'll ever understand it- he loves me even though I'm stubborn, controlling, and impatient. He loves me on my good days, and my bad.

This started as a "top ten" list of reasons why Matt is my hero, but as I started thinking of all the things he does for me, the list just kept going on. Matt is my best friend, and I can't imagine a world without him in it. His love for me is beyond unconditional, and I love him for lovin' me! Thanks Matty, for being the best hubby a girl could ask for. I love you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

28 years old... already?

Today is my 28th birthday, and last night, I was able to share it with my amazing family. We had crock-pot spare ribs (my favorite b-day meal), followed by chocolate cup cakes and ice cream. Emma had so much fun playing with her cousin Tristan, and watched every little move he made. We celebrated my birthday, Mitchell's birthday, and my Mom's birthday for our January birthday dinner. I love my family so much, and I am so blessed that most of them live so close. Today, Emma and I are relaxing, and I have decided not to do any housework as a present to myself :) Here are some pictures and a video from last night, Happy Birthday to me!!

Mitch and I biting into some serious cupcake deliciousness, I am so in love with this boy!

Emma and I after church

Tristan played with Emma, and even shared his dragon toy with her

She loved watching him!

Emma laughing at Tristan being silly

Classic "Emma" look

I finally fit into the skirt from Breeanna!

 I'm 28, but I don't feel like it at all- still young at heart I guess!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Splish, Splash, Emma's takin' a bath

I know that most kids enjoy bath time, but Emma really enjoys bath time! Even if she's dead tired, ready for bed, or throwing a tantrum- she will drop all of that once she gets in the water. She likes to splash the water with her hands, which then gets all over her face. At first, I tried to stop her, since it gets in her eyes, nose, and mouth (which makes her start to cough), but it was to no avail. She doesn't seem to mind all that water getting in her face, which you can clearly tell from this video! 

We love our Emma baby, she never stops making us smile!

The Twistles

10 Months Old!

I can't believe Emma will be 1 year old in 2 months! 2011 was filled with so many exciting moments for our family! Emma is now 10 months old, and is quickly figuring out this world that she's in, and also what her little body is capable of! I love to see her learn new things, and Matt and I get so excited to find out what new thing she's learned. Here's a couple pictures of Emma doing what she does best: being cute!!

Emma loves the shiny cd's... we don't need these anymore, right?

It didn't take her long to figure out her toy... and all the fun uses for it!
Eating it....
turns out it's a great blow dryer!

 Emma loves her over-sized  puppy dog that Anne gave her for Christmas, whenever she sees it, she gives out a giggle and crawls right over to it, and then lays her head on it. So cute!

New Year's snuggles with Dad

She loves to do head-stands, and we love to watch her!

Emma loves playing in her crib, and tries to hide in the corner when we come to get her. She doesn't want to get out!

bad picture, I know, but it explains the next one below it...

She shoved the whole thing in her mouth, and then tried to chew/swallow it. Didn't turn out so well, but made for a great picture!

This is the, "I'm totally doing this no matter what" look
And then come the giggles

Her first real "bonk" one of many to come

clapping her hands, she loves to do this!
She's been patting herself like this, and have been teaching her, "that's Emma"
 Ok... did I say a couple pictures, or like 30? Oh well, at least it wasn't 40 :) We love our baby Emma, and soon she won't be a baby anymore! We are enjoying every moment with her in our lives. Love you Emma!!!

The Twistles