Friday, January 20, 2012

Emigration Vacation

We were given the opportunity to dog/house sit for our friend over the weekend, while she and her family went on vacation. I think this is the third time we have gone up to house sit for them. We love it, and Emma loves playing with the puppies. They don't run away like her kitties do at home! Staying there feels like a mini-vacation, because we are so secluded from everything and we really are far away from home. The house is beautiful, the view is amazing, and the hot tub is just what we need at the end of the day! You know it's a mini-vacation when you come home and you feel a little bit exhausted, and glad to be home at the same time. We love it up there, but we love being home even more! Here's some pictures from our weekend-

Matt's photo skills

sunset in the canyon, I should have gone outside to take it, but it was cold!

the work of Matty

Emma and Trixie, she loved her Trixie!

This was a great babysitter- she loved to take all the Legos out, and then put them back in

Chester was such a good pup, he let Emma do whatever she wanted to him

Mr. Chester

Everyone knows that the toys at other people's houses, are way more fun than your own

My happy girl
 Nothing too exciting, we were happy to help friends, and also have a nice get away for the weekend. "Staycations" are the best!

The Twistles

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