Monday, January 23, 2012

Picnik Photo Editor

I recently discovered Picnik (a photo editing tool) via my Picasa photo viewer program. The basic version of Picnik lets you edit red eyes, contrast, and change your picture from color to black and white. I know, not a big deal. However, the Premium version lets you do so much more. You can use an airbrush tool, to literally make your skin look flawless (you know, like the models in the magazines). There is a teeth whitener tool, to make your teeth look like you paid way too much at the dentist office. One of my favorite tools in the premium version, is the spray on tan, to make you look less pasty white and more golden brown. Now, your next question might be, "premium usually means you have to pay instead of using the basic for free, right?" Right. Well, it used to be. I paid $25 for an annual membership to get the premium version, which has all these delightful tools.  However, good news for you! Picnik is closing, and they have decided that until April 19th, 2012 (their closing date), they will offer their premium editing tools to everyone, for free! The website is:

So, go use and abuse it, edit your pictures and make them look fantastic. I used this to edit our family Christmas pictures that you see on my home page. Yep, I am airbrushed, and I like it!

As for my membership, that I had to pay for, Picnik is refunding all membership fees to everyone, even if their membership was about to expire for the year. I am sure going to miss this website, but at least I'll get my money back!

Edit away my friends, for after April you won't be able to have that golden brown tan in your pictures, and your teeth won't be as white! 


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