Friday, January 20, 2012

Reasons Why My Husband Is My Hero

♥ He drives up a canyon, on a snowy day, from our house in West Jordan, to help me fulfill a prior commitment to dog sit, when the backup plan fell through

♥ He kills insects for me, that invade our home

♥ He replaces the headlight in my car when it goes out

♥ He always gets me a Diet Pepsi on Saturday mornings

♥ He helps do bath time with Emma so I can blog

♥ He loves his Momma

♥ He respects his Dad

♥ He makes me happier than I ever thought possible

♥ He is always there with a hug, kiss, and "I love you"

♥ He doesn't get mad, when I come home with 3 pairs of shoes, instead of 1

♥ He takes out the trash, and refuses to let me do it (this includes the stinky baby diapers)

♥ He loves me more than I can comprehend

♥ He thinks I'm a good Mom, and tells me all the time

♥ He knows how to get me to smile
♥ He is patient with me when I don't deserve it

♥ He has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, and loves the gospel

♥ His laugh is contagious

♥ He makes silly jokes

♥ He loves our kitties

♥ He loves Emma, and is a "hands on" Dad- he loves to take care of her

♥ He works hard to provide for our family; he loves his job and is dedicated to moving up within his company

♥ He loves my family

He loves me for who I am; I'm not sure I'll ever understand it- he loves me even though I'm stubborn, controlling, and impatient. He loves me on my good days, and my bad.

This started as a "top ten" list of reasons why Matt is my hero, but as I started thinking of all the things he does for me, the list just kept going on. Matt is my best friend, and I can't imagine a world without him in it. His love for me is beyond unconditional, and I love him for lovin' me! Thanks Matty, for being the best hubby a girl could ask for. I love you.

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