Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Resolution, better late than never!

I recently heard a talk, where it was mentioned that, "Goals not written down, are just dreams." So having pondered that all week, I have decided to write my dreams down to make them into goals. I am not sure if you know, but I am horrible at setting goals. The reason for this, is because I don't like being let down, especially by myself. If I set goals, and I do not attain them, it gets on my nerves, and I become really hard on myself. So, I usually set "pretend goals", where if I end up achieving it, I am happy and proud, etc... and if I don't achieve it, then it's OK because, *whispers* it was just "pretend." 

Well this year, I am going to make some goals.  

Yep, I said it: G-O-A-L-S (I know you can spell, but this is for me, to reiterate to myself that I am actually making REAL goals this time).

My main goal this year, is to call and/or send a card to my family and friends on their birthdays. I remember everyone's birthdays, but I don't always call them to tell them "Happy Birthday!" I am guilty, as many of us are, of using Facebook to let my friends and family know that I am thinking of them on their special day. It's just not the same, when you're comment gets lost in the multitude of birthday wishes. It's not personal; I don't feel like they know that I was actually thinking of them.

My awesome sister Shannen has been making a family calendar for the past few years, that has everyone's birthday on it (not that I need it, my memory is like that of an elephant). I am going to use this as a reminder to call and/or get a birthday card sent out for each of my siblings, nieces, nephews, Mom, Grandma, friends, and In-Laws. 

I love birthdays, and I love to celebrate all my friends and families day of birth. In the past, I have always thought about them on their birthdays, and have intended to do something for them, but it has always stopped there. This year, it's a GOAL (yes, again, reiteration for me).

Ready, Set, Go!


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