Friday, January 6, 2012

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Last year, I became completely complacent in all of these areas. I lost touch of the burning fire that is the Holy Spirit, which in turn helps my own spirit grow. I became lax on keeping my mind active, and fed my body sugar and... well, more sugar. 


To my defense, I was pregnant and dealing with the change in my life- that is Motherhood, during 2011. I have been blessed with a fast metabolism, so losing my baby weight wasn't something I had to work for. I think I exercised once... on the treadmill for 20 mins...  and it was 4 months after I had Emma. Don't hate. I have a friend at work who sees what I eat, and I know it makes her die a little inside! She is more on the healthy side of the food spectrum, where I am on the very unhealthy side. I am addicted to sweets. I love sugar. My body pumps chocolate instead of blood. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner just so I can have dessert afterwards. Eventually, someday this fast metabolism I have will be extinct. This year, I want to be more healthy, and eat some green stuff (like broccoli?) and maybe some orange stuff (carrots? ugh) more than I have in the past. I also would like to be more active, and do things like Yoga, Zumba, and basic work outs. I did find a great blog, that should help us eat out less and eat at home more. The blog is called: "The Girl Who Ate Everything" I have already made a few things off her blog, and it was all delicious! Now, I am not saying I am never going to have sweets again, it's just that I am going to balance it out with some healthy meals as well. 

When it comes to my Mind...

 That has been a big question for me. I haven't enrolled in any college classes since the end of 2008. I would love to finish my school, but financially it has not been possible. This year, I am hopeful to increase my learning, by attending school, and finishing my Associates degree. I love to learn, and I enjoy the way I feel when I sit in class and have thought provoking discussions about different topics. Hopefully my mind will also be fed this year!


Let me tell you one thing about repentance- when you are in the thick of it, and you feel hopelessly lost and in the dark, that is when you feel the spirit the absolute most. It's like God's gift to you, that although you may have done something terrible, there is still hope and happiness waiting for you, if you have faith in the Atonement. I feel as though that strong, helpful spirit I once felt, that motivated me to feed on the words of Christ whenever I could, has not been so strong lately. Of course, it has been the fault of my own that has brought this upon me. I have become so complacent in the gospel;  it's like it is hit or miss whether I am touched by the spirit or not. I need to be better, I have to be better, and this year, I will be better. The gospel of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, has absolutely saved me. I owe so much, and will never be able to pay the debt for the mercy and forgiveness I was given. The least I can do, is feed my spirit, and grow to my full potential. 

Here's to 2012! Body, Mind, and Spirit!



  1. I love this post! Mind, Body and Spirit, that is what its all about. But I am like your coworker... I see the things you eat and I see how small you are. Its a good thing we all love you! I am trying to lose weight to have a baby and you are just tiny all dang time. At least I can out run you... or I think i can :) I love the food blog you mentioned, I see all the stuff she makes and I just drool.
    You are going to have a great year, I don't doubt it.

  2. Thanks Meg!! It is all about Body, Mind, and Spirit- I am gonna try and be better! I am sure you can out run me, the last time I actually "ran" was probably 2 years ago. You've def got that on me. The food blog is great, you really should try some stuff! You and Joey will have a great year too, can't wait for what's to come for you guys!!