Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Family Pictures

Matt and I went up with our friends Josh and Steph this past weekend to take some pictures of their cute family for them. After they were finished they took a couple for us. I have to admit, I'm not lovin' them so much, but it's probably just because I feel like I look like a whale. It's cool, I figure if I post them then it will force me to acknowledge that this is how I'm going to look in pictures for the next couple of months! Yay for being pregnant! Thanks Josh and Steph for taking these for us! Steph said that after the pregnancy I will look at these and feel ok about them, so I am counting on that!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The "bump"

Alright, for all of those wondering how big I am, and what my belly looks like, I made Matt take a picture last night (he thought it seemed a little odd that women do this).

I am 22 weeks (about 5 months) prego now, and can officially fit into maternity clothes. I am really glad somebody invented these, because they are really comfortable! My only complaint is that maternity clothes are so expensive, and not too flattering, so spending $20 on a shirt or a pair of pants that I don't love, or will only wear for a short time, is annoying! Luckily, the doctor I work for is having a baby in November, and she said she will give me most of her maternity clothes since we are the same size. She has a lot of cute clothes she bought from the Gap and Old Navy, so I'm excited for that. I just have to hold out until then!
I started to feel her kick a lot this past Saturday morning. I was lying in bed on my side, and could feel her just moving like crazy! I could also feel her body (her feet I think) when I pushed on my belly, and that was really cool! Matt felt her too, it felt like something hard inside my stomach. She didn't stay in that place long, because we couldn't feel her there after a couple seconds. I think she is getting her excercise! It's really fun to feel her moving during the day, and brings a little smile to my face every time I notice it. As huge and uncomfortable  as I feel, little things like this make it all worth it.

We got the crib from my friend on Sunday, and put it up in the second bedroom. The color of the crib matches the wall perfectly! It's a light custard-yellow color, and so we've decided to do the room yellow, pink, and brown. I think it will look really cute! The room still looks big and empty, but now with a crib in it. I'm sure it will start to take the shape of a nursery soon. Matt and I wondered if it was too soon to set up the crib, since we still have 4 months to go,  but we couldn't wait! We are so excited!!

We love our kitties!

We took some pictures over the weekend of our kitties basking in the sunlight and enjoying the new place. They were too cute not to put up! I love our kitties so much, and they all have different personalities.

Ryno is our cuddle kitty, and will do anything for you to pet him. He also will come up and lie with me on the couch, and sleeps at the edge of the bed at night. I think he is going to absolutely love the new baby.

Sugar is our princess kitty, she does what she wants, but is a very good listener. She knows when we say her name, and when she's in trouble. She is a complete Diva.

Sasha is our recluse kitty, she is a little nervous around people, and large objects or new surroundings make her uncomfortable. She is very loving around those she does know, and she is very curious. She follows me around every morning and watches me get ready, she investigates any loud or new sounds, and has to know what is going on around her. She is the littlest kitty, but is still really affectionate.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

pictures of the new home

 Sasha kitty, hanging out in her new home. She is out much more than she ever was at the old place. She is still a bit skiddish, but she's getting better and loves to play with Ryno and Sugar.
 This is the mini-hall to get to our bedroom. Our washer/dryer and heater are in the closet doors on both sides of the hall.
 Our bedroom and large closet!
 More bedroom, the master bath is right next to the closet.
 We have a mini-balcony off the master bedroom, so that's another sliding glass door. The kitties love to sit and look out from there.
 Kitchen! It's so large I don't know what to do with myself. Cooking is so much easier now!
 More kitchen- We have a really nice sized pantry next to the fridge, so we can keep all our dry food in one spot. At the old place we had 3 different cupboards and never knew where our food was.
 Living room- Our landlord left the bookshelves for us to use, and it works nicely here! We also love our new couch, so comfy!
Another view from the living room, the place is very open and spacious, which we love. Matt is currently re-staining our table, or you would see that up against the red wall. 

There is also a very large second bedroom, which will eventually be the nursery. It's pretty empty right now, so we didn't see much use in taking a picture of it. 

We absolutely love the new place, it's just perfect for our little family.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The First One

It's been a little crazy here at the Entwistle home. Since being married in February, we have gotten prego, adopted another kitty (Sasha), delt with Matt's back injury (boo), gone on a few summer vacations (Bear Lake, L.A.), and most recently moved from our apartment in downtown SLC to West, West Jordan. The move proved to be too much for Sasha and she became stressed out, which caused her to get sick from an upper respiratory infection, which by the way, is highly contagious. Sasha is feeling better after an expensive trip to the vet, but now our other two kitties have the bug. It's so sad to have a full house of sick kids! They are both on antibiotics, and hopefully will start feeling better by this weekend.

We absolutely love the new place, I will take pictures and post them soon. It has such a home-y feel to it, and it's in a quiet neighborhood. I LOVE having a dishwasher, LARGE fridge, and a GARBAGE DISPOSAL!! Yeah!! Ahh, the simple things in life. There is also a washer/dryer in the condo, so no more crazy hoodlums using our washer machine! We are really trying to make our new home a place where the spirit can dwell, and our new baby can be at peace. We have recently started nightly scripture study, and I have already noticed how peaceful and calm our house is when we do this. We are reading Doctrine and Covenants, which I haven't read probably since High School, I have really loved it so far!

We are having a GIRL! So excited! I am currently 5 months, and I feel like I have a beach ball inside my stomach, inflating itself by the minute! It is such a cool thing to see my body change and accommodate our baby girl. It has not been easy, and I feel uncomfortable sometimes (ok most of the time), but I am so thankful and blessed that God has trusted us enough to raise one of his children. I am so excited to be in this point of my life that I can be entrusted with a baby. What a blessing! Matt is absolutely beside himself, and I know she will be daddy's little girl. He is really going to love her.

We haven't gotten the nursery ready yet, I figure we still have 4-ish months to go, we have time... right? Ok, that's the procrastinator in me, but seriously... I have time.. right? We have been lucky to get a lot of the big stuff from family and friends. My friend at work is giving us her crib, pack n' play crib, and a really nice rocking chair with an ottoman. My amazing sister is going to give me some stuff, if I ever make it up to here house in IDAHO ( far away). Or maybe she'll bring me down some stuff? That would be SUPER nice! All in all, we are so lucky to have great people around us so willing to help and donate their unused kid stuff! Thanks to everyone!