Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We love our kitties!

We took some pictures over the weekend of our kitties basking in the sunlight and enjoying the new place. They were too cute not to put up! I love our kitties so much, and they all have different personalities.

Ryno is our cuddle kitty, and will do anything for you to pet him. He also will come up and lie with me on the couch, and sleeps at the edge of the bed at night. I think he is going to absolutely love the new baby.

Sugar is our princess kitty, she does what she wants, but is a very good listener. She knows when we say her name, and when she's in trouble. She is a complete Diva.

Sasha is our recluse kitty, she is a little nervous around people, and large objects or new surroundings make her uncomfortable. She is very loving around those she does know, and she is very curious. She follows me around every morning and watches me get ready, she investigates any loud or new sounds, and has to know what is going on around her. She is the littlest kitty, but is still really affectionate.

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