Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The "bump"

Alright, for all of those wondering how big I am, and what my belly looks like, I made Matt take a picture last night (he thought it seemed a little odd that women do this).

I am 22 weeks (about 5 months) prego now, and can officially fit into maternity clothes. I am really glad somebody invented these, because they are really comfortable! My only complaint is that maternity clothes are so expensive, and not too flattering, so spending $20 on a shirt or a pair of pants that I don't love, or will only wear for a short time, is annoying! Luckily, the doctor I work for is having a baby in November, and she said she will give me most of her maternity clothes since we are the same size. She has a lot of cute clothes she bought from the Gap and Old Navy, so I'm excited for that. I just have to hold out until then!
I started to feel her kick a lot this past Saturday morning. I was lying in bed on my side, and could feel her just moving like crazy! I could also feel her body (her feet I think) when I pushed on my belly, and that was really cool! Matt felt her too, it felt like something hard inside my stomach. She didn't stay in that place long, because we couldn't feel her there after a couple seconds. I think she is getting her excercise! It's really fun to feel her moving during the day, and brings a little smile to my face every time I notice it. As huge and uncomfortable  as I feel, little things like this make it all worth it.

We got the crib from my friend on Sunday, and put it up in the second bedroom. The color of the crib matches the wall perfectly! It's a light custard-yellow color, and so we've decided to do the room yellow, pink, and brown. I think it will look really cute! The room still looks big and empty, but now with a crib in it. I'm sure it will start to take the shape of a nursery soon. Matt and I wondered if it was too soon to set up the crib, since we still have 4 months to go,  but we couldn't wait! We are so excited!!


  1. Your baby bump is exactly what every woman wishes their baby bump looked like :) It's perfect.