Saturday, October 9, 2010

pictures of the new home

 Sasha kitty, hanging out in her new home. She is out much more than she ever was at the old place. She is still a bit skiddish, but she's getting better and loves to play with Ryno and Sugar.
 This is the mini-hall to get to our bedroom. Our washer/dryer and heater are in the closet doors on both sides of the hall.
 Our bedroom and large closet!
 More bedroom, the master bath is right next to the closet.
 We have a mini-balcony off the master bedroom, so that's another sliding glass door. The kitties love to sit and look out from there.
 Kitchen! It's so large I don't know what to do with myself. Cooking is so much easier now!
 More kitchen- We have a really nice sized pantry next to the fridge, so we can keep all our dry food in one spot. At the old place we had 3 different cupboards and never knew where our food was.
 Living room- Our landlord left the bookshelves for us to use, and it works nicely here! We also love our new couch, so comfy!
Another view from the living room, the place is very open and spacious, which we love. Matt is currently re-staining our table, or you would see that up against the red wall. 

There is also a very large second bedroom, which will eventually be the nursery. It's pretty empty right now, so we didn't see much use in taking a picture of it. 

We absolutely love the new place, it's just perfect for our little family.


  1. I LOVE it! I cannot wait to see it in person. What an upgrade, right?!

  2. I LOVE it too!!!! Yes, major upgrade! It cannot wait to see you in person!