Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Family Pictures

Matt and I went up with our friends Josh and Steph this past weekend to take some pictures of their cute family for them. After they were finished they took a couple for us. I have to admit, I'm not lovin' them so much, but it's probably just because I feel like I look like a whale. It's cool, I figure if I post them then it will force me to acknowledge that this is how I'm going to look in pictures for the next couple of months! Yay for being pregnant! Thanks Josh and Steph for taking these for us! Steph said that after the pregnancy I will look at these and feel ok about them, so I am counting on that!


  1. Whale? Are you kiddidng me Rach? You need to get your eyes checked cause you have a little baby bump and thats it! You look beautiful!