Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Pregnant

Wait, how long does pregnancy last? Oh... so I'm not done yet? bummer.

I'm not saying I hate being pregnant, but I'm definitely looking forward to February, for a couple of reasons:

I can sleep on my stomach again!
Baby girl will be here (wait, should that be on the top of my list?)
My grocery bill will go down
My back will be relieved of the ginormous uterus pushing on it
I can take Excedrine and IB profen again!
I can eat sushi whenever I want
I can eat as many portions of fish, sandwich meat, and other restricted foods as I want
My bathroom breaks will decrease
I can lift things over the weight of 20 lbs
*crossing my fingers* I might be able to fit into my normal clothes again
My belly button will look normal again
I will be able to bend over to put my own shoes on

I should stop, because I keep thinking of more and more things, and it's just getting ridiculous. 

All in all, I am happy to be prego, and it really hasn't been that hard so far. I'm experiencing pregnancy bliss with all the back aches, head aches, and mood swings. I am 6 months, but in about a week or so will hit the 7 month mark. I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday where they are going to check to see if I have developed gestational diabetes... My doctor told me not to have anything sweet to eat that morning, so I guess I should skip my Mountain Dew breakfast huh? I really hope I haven't eaten too many sweets to develop this type of diabetes. The more I think about it, the more I worry. I think I have hit up the See's chocolate store a couple times, then there is my daily Mountain Dew, and how can I leave out Mrs. Field's? The baby made me do it! 


  1. See I told you the Mountain Dew was bad!!! :)
    Love and miss you! Glad you are blogging. I'm getting mine up and running again, I'll let you know.

  2. Mountain dew is def a bad choice especially since there is caffeine in all that chocolate you're eating too, but don't worry I still have my cup of coffee in the mornings. I wouldn't worry about it too much, most gestational diabetes come from women being overweight and you will never be overweight. Good luck, the last time that stuff gave me the worst headache and heartburn. Miss ya!

  3. @ Sus- mountain dew IS bad, but I can't stay away! Just read your blog, SO cute- love the pics of you and Chris and the puppies.

  4. @ Brit Brit-
    I think you're right, I'll be ok. I just have such a sweet tooth, and it's become even worse since being prego. Not excited for the diabetes test, ugh. I need to see some pics of you lady! Get on it!

  5. No matter what the doc says, You'll pull through. You're healthy, your young, and any daughter of yours and matt's is going to be one strong cookie :) I'm excited to see her when she comes out!!! I may have to babysit every other night just to sate my baby hunger :) psst, don't tell Owen I said that.