Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meyers and Briggs Personality Test

This is my new fascination for the month. I'm not sure if you've heard of this test, but my friend at work introduced me to it, and it's a great way to understand your significant other. It's also really great to help you with any type of relationship you have whether it's friends, parents, or kids. Here is the Wikipedia info on the background of this test:

Here is the link to the test website. It's not the full test, you have to pay $30 bucks for that, but this is about 40 questions and will give you a pretty accurate result. I am an ESTJ personality type.
(OK the link is not working, just copy and paste it and it should work)

After you take the test, it only gives you your type. You then have to google your type and see your definition. I have found that these websites give really good info:

Here is my info, if you care to read:

So Matt and I have a lot in common, but we also do a lot of things differently. Mainly with how we operate in situations- I am a planner, and I like to check everything off my "list" so to speak. Matt is more relaxed in that aspect, and deals with things as they come. When unexpected events happen, it literally throws my universe off it's rotation. I have a hard time not getting stressed out and worried about such things. 

Example: Matt's car registration was due in November, he's had a cracked windshield that we knew we'd have to replace (I expected and planned on that- check), it was about $160 to fix. Easy, I budgeted for it, planned on the money coming out, no biggie. He takes it to get the emissions and inspections done, and turns out his wheel bearing is completely broken, and his front tires are bald. So the car failed inspection, and the guys told him it would be about $300 to fix. Awesome. Universe falling apart. He takes it to get an estimate, and his mechanic tells us it's going to be $285 and we say "ok". I mean, it has to be done, I understand that- they told him they can't believe he drove on it this long without his axle snapping and getting him into a major accident. Still- universe is crumbling. I get another call from Matt, telling me that the mechanic took his wheels off to fix the problem, and found that his brakes are metal on metal and absolutely have to be changed. Serious? So the total is now $420 and I am having a nervous breakdown and my universe has been thrown into the Netherworld. 

Now Matt, on the other hand, is frustrated as well- the situation sucks, that was our Christmas money, we had other plans for that money. He just handles it so much better than I do. I shut myself in and have a hard time getting my thoughts out, and I get really stressed out. Matt understands that it sucks, but is still Matt and can carry on.  He gets worried and stressed when he sees how bad I am handling it. After taking this test, it helped me realize what my weakness' are and the differences between us. Matt is an ESTP type, and the P at the end is what makes all the difference for us. 

This is his info on his type: 

It really describes him perfectly, and helps me understand how his brain works and what he is best at. The things that come naturally for me like- planning, remembering things, focus, not getting bored with things, completing tasks- do not come naturally for him. I can't expect him to be that way, and my type even says that I expect everyone to think and act the way that I do about everything (which is so true). Matt is very relaxed and calming, which is something that I struggle with, but his personality helps me to be calm and not worry so much. So we are a very good compliment to each other, but we still have to work on getting around our personality differences. The whole thing is very interesting, and makes a lot of sense. The girl at work has figured out her kids type (she has a 2 year old and a 5 year old) and is able to parent them better because she knows their personality. 

Anyways, I wanted to share this with you in hopes you'll take the test and figure out what your type is. You will be surprised by how accurate it is. I think any way we can be better partners, friends, human beings is a great thing, and we should work on ourselves to be better people to those around us.

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