Monday, January 23, 2012

Blowing Kisses

I wasn't planning on blogging again today, but the video we took of Emma tonight was just priceless, so I have to document it while it's fresh in my memory. We had a Skype (internet video chat for those of you in the dark ages) conversation with Matt's parents tonight, and Emma was on point for cuteness. We have our computer hooked up to our TV, so Grandma and Grandpa Entwistle were on the big screen, and Emma would look up at them and smile and giggle. When they called her name, she would look right at them as if they were in the room. It was as if it was normal for her, that she could hear their voices, but that they were on the screen instead of here in person. She chatted away, played with the kitties, and even gave Grandma a good wave. The best part though, was when Matt's Mom asked if she could blow kisses- we told her she hadn't figured that out yet. Matt's Mom blew Emma a few kisses and then we moved on in the conversation. A few minutes later, Emma looked right at the TV screen, and started blowing kisses to Grandma. Matt and I were both shocked, because we had never seen her do that before, and also because she picked up on it so quickly! I know that her mind is growing at such a rapid rate, so we shouldn't be so surprised, but we saw it in person tonight as we witnessed our sweet girl mimicking something she had seen done twice. Now Grandma Entwistle has bragging rights that she taught Emma how to blow kisses over Skype :)

Prior to this, Emma had also done something exciting to us, and started drinking through a straw today. I know, something every child does, but it is so fun for us to witness all these amazing moments in her life! I am so glad we have the capability of documenting these times with video and pictures, priceless!

We love you Emma

The Twistles

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