Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitch and Mom Birthday

January was a birthday month for our family- There was mine, my Mom's and my nephew Mitchell's. Mitch and my Mom's parties happened to be on the same weekend, so right as we got home from house/dog sitting, we drove down to my brother's house for my Mom's birthday party. My sister made her cake, and all the kids pitched in to buy her a new (and badly needed) vacuum cleaner. I didn't have my camera for pictures, but we all had a great time! I love my family.

The next day was a paid holiday for us, and Mitch's birthday party as well. He had an official party at Chuck-E-Cheese, where he got his very own "medallion" and was sang to by Mr. Chuck-E-Cheese himself. I don't think I saw much of him or my other nieces and nephews for most of the party, other than when they came back to eat pizza and cake. They were all too busy playing arcade games and running around on their sugar highs. My sister-in-law Crissy did a great job coordinating the party, and made Mitch a pretty awesome dragon cake. She is such a great Momma to him and Jessica. Love her!

Even Emma got on some rides (with my help) and had some pizza and cake. She loved the pizza so much, that in all of the pictures we took, she is holding onto it with all her strength. She is definitely Matt's daughter, she loves pizza!! Thanks Crissy for an awesome kid party!

So past her nap time, but she was still so great!

Pizza in hand....

The birthday boy being honored!

You had to see the cake in person, it was amazing!

The idea was to stand in this, and grab as many tickets as you could as they blew around you... Mitch wasn't a fan

Ridin' dirty... and still holding her pizza...

She gets cuddly when she's tired, and Aunt Crissy reaped the benefits this time! Still has her pizza...

Love ♥
The Twistles

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