Monday, February 14, 2011


 We waited until the last month to put the nursery room together for the baby. I knew that if were to put it together any sooner it would just make time go that much slower! We really didn't pay for anything in the room, and I can't imagine having to! It is all so expensive once you start adding it up. The crib turned out really cute, and I just love it all. We find that it's very peaceful in this room, so we occasionally spend our nights here reading or playing with our kitties. 

As you can see, our kitties love this room too! Sugar and Sasha love the rocking chair, and we find them sleeping there often. Sometimes they even have to share :) Good thing we have plenty of lint rollers and a vacuum!


  1. That rocking chair looks totally comfy! I love how her room turned out!

  2. It is totally comfy, I love it! Thanks, her room turned out great, better than expected!

  3. Um... I put myself up for adoption so I can live in that room! thanks!

    please note.. all medical and hospital bills will be taken care of :)