Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He's Far But Close...

The internet is amazing, and with just a few clicks your day can completely change. I was on FB today reading my friends posts, and one particular post stood out from a bishop of mine in my old neighborhood. It was a link to a blog about being a Father and taking time to really be with your children. You can read the entire post here. 

What stood out to me in this blog, was the video. It had me in tears with the realization of Fatherhood and how much our children depend on it. Our kids will always be taken care of, because of Matt. I will be forever grateful to him for what he's done for me and the girls. 

"The small home I help provide, is their world."

Isn't it true with our Father in Heaven as well? This small planet he helps provide for us, is our world. He's far, but always close. By being parents, we can understand how it all came to be. What a gift. I will do my best to remember how my life came to be, and be thankful for every minute of it.

I hope this added some inspiration to your day, please share this with those you love! 


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