Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture Post!

Now that I've posted an insightful and intriguing look into our life, it's time for pictures! I know, you just can't get enough of us. That's okay, I can't either. 

Charlotte loves when she locks eyes on Emma, she is fascinated by her!

Just a little Mommy snuggle time...

Nap time at the Entwistle house...

Mr. Man aka, Ryno

We went to Macey's the other night to pick up a few groceries, and they had a mini cart for kids. Emma thought it was the coolest thing.

Shopping makes you thirsty!

Emma's new phrase is: "I do it? Yeah?" and "Me too" whenever I say I'm going to do something. Recently it was, "Me wash dishes too? Yeah?" So she got to "help" me wash dishes. Really she just played in the water in her "pretty" skirt. Same thing, right?

"I'm so NOT making a mess Mom"

I love my little ladies!!! 

The Twistles

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