Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

So tired. 

So ready not to be tired anymore. 

So NOT ready for my little Charlotte to be big enough that I won't be tired anymore... 

I just want to have my sleep filled cake and eat it too! Is that too much to ask?

On another note...

Have you ever had that anxious feeling when you are waiting for upcoming events? I feel like we have a lot of things coming up in the near future, but I can't prepare for them yet because it is still too far away. It is driving me crazy! 

We are waiting for our tax returns to come back, so we can pay off some much needed medical bills and debt. *tearful cheers* Grown up life stinks.

I am still in the process of planning Emma's 2nd birthday party, but need money from our tax returns to pay for it... so the planning has been stalled until we get the "dolla dolla bills yo."

We are heading up to Idaho in March to see my sister and her family, so excited!

End of March we are "going back to Cali" as LL Cool J would say, to visit Matt's Aunt Marilyn and his parents who are meeting us there. 

We are dealing with being desperately broke until Summer, when Matt's commission checks will hopefully pick up (More Waiting). Our time of struggling with money has overstayed its welcome, and I am looking forward to having sufficient for our needs soon! 

Matt has been a freaking Rockstar (much like my beloved beverage), by working his tail off at work, and dealing with pressure and stress that I will never comprehend to provide for us. I still pinch myself when I think that I am a stay at home Mom. It feels surreal, and it's all because of Matt that I get to do it. He's amazing. 

I am grateful for the struggle, because it will make us appreciate the time when we aren't struggling anymore. (Just wish it was over already... waiting, waiting, waiting)

Hurry up and Wait already!!

The Waiting Twistles

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