Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sisters and Such

We were interested how Emma would handle the arrival of baby Charlotte. She is a very tender soul, and it could have gone either way-- really bad, or really good. I have to say, that the transition has all gone really well! Emma loves her baby sister and will give her hugs and kisses when we aren't looking. She always shares her puppy with Charlotte and laughs when we pretend that Charlotte is talking to Emma. The first month or two was a little difficult with Emma but now that she knows that Mom and Dad are still going to play with her, the fits and drama has died down. 

I can't wait for them to be best friends soon! Charlotte is growing at a terrifying pace, and I know that soon she'll be 1 year old and not so little anymore. I am cherishing every moment I get while she's still a lil' baby.

Emma and Charlotte were hanging out on her couch, and Emma was sharing her drink with her sissy. Cuteamous!

In other news, my good friend Anne just got a job at the Huntsman Cancer Institute working as a CNA. She is working on getting into nursing school, and has rocked every class she has taken. I don't think I know anyone smarter than this girl, she retains so much info it's just insane. I was thinking today about not knowing where each decision in life will take us, and then thought back to our decisions over the last few years and what good/bad came from them. If we hadn't had faith that we would find someone to watch Emma while I went back to work, and Anne never listened to her prompting to watch our Emma, our lives would be completely different today! I know that God knew what was in store for our families by bringing us together, and it wasn't just for us to find a good sitter for Emma. 

Now, I get to repay Anne back by watching her adorable kids while she goes to work where I just resigned from, and because I used to work there, I knew who she needed to get in contact with so that she could get hired there. It seems to have worked out seamlessly, and proves to me that God's hands were definitely involved in all of this. How blessed we are to have this inspiration in our lives! Knowing the McRae's has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives, and the blessings just don't seem to stop coming! We sure do love them.

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