Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Entwistle Year in Review-- 2012

2012-- Another year past, how does it go so quickly? It seems to roll by at an achingly slow pace, but then before you know it, it's 2013 and you're looking back at the year you've had. 

2012 was very good to our family, we had a great year!

February 13th, we found out we'd be adding to our family!

We celebrated Emma's 1st birthday!

Matt's work paid for us to go to Mexico, March 2012:

Prego went camping...

We made it back to Illinois! (and next time, I won't be pregnant and it will be nice and green!):

Emma went from little baby to being an adorable and independent toddler:

I laid low, ya know, being pregnant and all...

Baby Charlotte Anne was born! 10/19/12

Emma had her first real Halloween/Trick or Treating experience:

We ended the year with wonderful Holidays with the family:

Each year we have been blessed with great things, we are truly being watched over. Matt's doing awesome at his job, and is continuing to increase his clients which means more income for us. I officially resigned from work at the end of December, and am now an official stay at home Momma. I love being home with the girls, and I love being able to raise them while they are babies. We are so lucky!

Here's looking to 2013, in hopes that we receive just as many good things that we did in 2012 (except no babies this year, this Momma is taking a pregnancy break).

Happy New Year! 

The Twistles

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