Sunday, January 6, 2013

Matt's Parents Have Arrived!!

Matt's parents got here the Saturday before Christmas, and we were so excited!! They drove down, so they were quite tired when they arrived. We went to Mom's party and then met up with them after. Emma bonded with both of them right away, and took them on a tour of the entire house by saying, "mon" (c'mon) and gesturing them with her hand wave as she said it. She calls both of them "poppa" because I don't think she can quite say "gramma" yet. 

After Matt's Mom and Dad got here, Emma noticed there were presents that appeared under the tree. She picked up the wrapped presents and gave them to us and said, "surprise" which I guess is her word for present. Gramma couldn't resist and Emma got to open up a few presents early :)

We went to Temple Square on Sunday night-- it was so busy! The lights were amazing as always, and it is always a striking sight to see the Salt Lake Temple all lit up. My favorite spot is the reflection pool, where they have lights floating in the water. 

Here's some more pictures, there's much more to come! So many pictures, so much to blog about! My fingers will be typed out by the day's end.

Emma playing with her new water coloring book from  Gramma

Brad getting educated on children's stories

Baby Charlotte snuggles= Gramma's heaven!
Sugar claiming the foam pad... what's new?
Emma found her best buddy in Granpa!

Emma's attempt at saying, "cheese"

Daddy's got a way of making our babies smile, no matter the age!

Family is the best!!

The Twistles

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