Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lost Things

Before Matt's parents came into town, we did a much needed deep clean of our house.

Emma helped me clean under the couch, and we found many lost treasures... and some not so shiny pieces of trash.

We found lots of Emma's lost toys

We found couch change (which is a rare commodity these days since we hardly ever carry cash/change!)

We found a one dollar bill

We found our missing Wyclef Jean CD!! (or as Emma would call it "DD")

The look of disgust was all over Ryno's face. He was totally judging us the entire time (either that or he is just looking for his flying light again...)

Lesson learned: We need to clean under the couch more often. 

Ha ha, like that is going to happen! 

Happy cleaning!

The Twistles

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