Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

We had a fabulous Christmas this year! The best present was having Matt's Mom and Dad home with us for the Holidays. We were so spoiled the entire time they were here, and miss them so much already (our dishes and bottles miss them too, they were clean the entire time as well!) 

Christmas Eve was really fun, we painted and set up Emma's table and chairs while watching Lord of The Rings. We like to watch the entire series every few years... now we should be good for another 2 years or so!

Christmas morning we woke up and waited for miss Emma to arise (it was about 9:00 a.m., we all wanted to wake her up!) Our original plan was to get her breakfast first, so she would be full and happy before presents. However, our excitement got the best of us, and we let her go right to her stocking.... which had "nandy" in it. She absolutely refused to forget about the candy, and so we gave in and let her have a chocolate teddy bear before breakfast.  She gets quite grumpy when she doesn't have food in her little tummy, so opening presents was a bit much for her. She liked helping Gramma and Granpa open up their presents though! There were a lot of presents for her to open, and I'm sure she was overwhelmed a bit. She LOVED the table and chairs and the chalkboard. All the other toys we got her didn't peak her interest until a few days later. Now, we have tea parties and color on her chalkboard every day. So fun!

That night, we headed over to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner. It was yumma! Emma always has fun with her cousins and always learns new things each time. This time, she learned how to bite into an apple from watching Olivia. We got some cute pictures of the two of them sitting down eating their "appeys" (I just love Emma's words, it takes extra hearing to find out what they are, but so fun when she can communicate and I understand!)

Oh, and Emma also learned how to photo bomb. She rocks at it, must get it from her Daddy.

Christmas Eve with Charly and the "Poppas"

Christmas Stash....

I love this picture of Matt's Dad! Setting up Emma's table and chairs

Yep, that's my Matty

Matt's Mom and Dad got some great shots on their camera after the storms that came through...

Emma in her cute new outfit from Gramma Entwistle at Mom Esau's Christmas dinner

Emma photo bomb.

So many pictures, such good memories!! More to come...

The Twistles

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