Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Life

Now that the Holidays are over, our little family life has settled down a lot! The girls and I have a good schedule down during the day, Charlotte is sleeping 5-6 hour stretches during the night, and I've switched to Sugar Free Rockstars. Life is good! 

Emma is putting sentences together, and it is so fun to hear what she comes up with. Her latest one that makes me laugh is, "daddy ha-home spooky door?". Which I believe is her asking if Daddy is coming home through the door. She thinks it's spooky because she hears the neighbors walking up and down, and also the cleaning crew makes loud noises outside the door. She looks forward to when Matt gets home every night, and will drop anything she's doing to run to the door to greet him. Following the "Hi Dad" when he gets home is the, "C'mon Dad" where she'll take him all around the house to play. Daddy is so much more fun than Mommy, because he gets really silly. 

During the day, Emma and I get our snuggles on and it's pretty rare that we get out of our pajamas (no where to go, no one to see!). Charlotte is still in eat, sleep, and poop mode, but is also now flashing us the most adorable smiles one could ask for. She definitely recognizes us, and when we get in her sight she locks on and just giggles and smiles! She loves to talk, and coo's and gurgles back at us. 

Charlotte is also adorable when she sleeps, but what baby isn't?! 

She couldn't handle the crazy fun of coloring, and passed out


Emma is really getting into sitting still to watch movies, which I LOVE because that means she's stationary for at least 30 minutes at a time. She likes to lay on the floor or in her Minnie Mouse couch and watch movies or her TV shows. 

 Matt grabbed an icicle off the porch and gave it to Emma last week; she loved it! She walked around telling us that she had "ice" until it melted. 

 Emma is so much fun, and although she can be difficult at times, she is the absolute joy of our lives! She is so independent and knows what she wants, oh.. and she's almost two. Crazy!

Since it's so cold, we can't get outside at all. The air quality is terrible too, so we don't want the girls out in that air anyways. I've got to find creative ways to get Emma's energy out during the day, or else she tears the house to shreds. Today we pulled all the cushions off the couch and I let her jump on them to her hearts desire (controlled house shredding is different than random Emma shredding). 

This is her pretending to be mad, she's not very good at it--she's too cute!

We love our girls!! They are so much fun, and are growing so fast!

The Twistles

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