Sunday, April 7, 2013

Twistle Trip Day 2

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the nearest mall so Grandma Entwistle could buy Emma and Charly and Build-a-Bear for Easter. The weather was gorgeous and warm and sunny and we loved it! 

Emma liked grabbing as many hearts as she could fit in her hand to put into her bunny, and thought it was so cool when they stuffed her bunny with the cotton stuffing. The best part was giving her bunny a bath, mostly because she got to play in it too!

After the mall, we took our tired Emma home for a nap. When she woke up we all got in the swimming pool. It was all Emma could talk about while we were there, she loves to swim! She pronounces it "schwim pool" and would say with so much excitement, "Gook Mommy!! Schwim pool!!" as she pointed outside to the pool. 

Alexander and his Daddy Dan, this little guy could kick up some major waves! 

Sisters <3 Love these two ladies
Cousin Michelle and her hubby Dan with Alexander, cute lil' family!
Charlotte was neither thrilled nor upset about being in the water. I don't think she understood what the big deal was

Family pool picture!

Friday night, Emma had an "incident" with the pool. She stepped too far off a step in the pool, and fell head first into the water. She luckily knew somehow to hold her breath, and was only under the water for a few seconds. I grabbed her by the one leg sticking out of the water, and pulled her out. Seriously terrifying, but I'm so glad she held her breath. I was expecting her to be coughing and spitting out water when I got her out, but she just looked around like, "Woah, that was crazy."

After that, she was a little more hesitant to get off the step and swim with us in the pool. She kept saying, "Mommy, I fall" referring to her fall the day before. We put the floaty swim suit on her and that seemed to help, plus she thought it was pretty cool that she could float in the water by herself. We will definitely be putting her in swimming lessons this year. 

Later that night we took the pups for a walk to a neighborhood school field. I love California. LOVE. Everything is so manicured and beautiful, no matter where you go. The trees are gorgeous, the air is warm and humid, and the sunsets are to die for. 

Emma had so much fun walking Shilo and Max, and even found some "spooky" trees with Grandma. Charlotte couldn't fight the tired, and passed out in Grandpa's arms. 

"Run me, Mommy!" (Emma translation: Run with me!)

Emma and Shilo

This is Daddy at his best. Every walk after this she wanted to crawl... 

We were all pretty tired that night, but sufficiently happy with all that we did. It was a great day in Cali!

The Twistles

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