Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life As I Know It

Preface: I feel like I need to post this for some perspective, to remind myself of how small the bad moments are in comparison to the tender and loving moments that happen much more often.

Being a Mom is hard work. 

Real hard work.

I never thought it would be this hard, but the hard times seem few and far between when moments like these happen:

And these....

And I can't forget about these...

And the sisterly love these two already share is so apparent every day:

All these pictures were taken in the last 10 days, and I can't remember a moment of frustration looking at them. None of that matters now.

You should see the way Charlotte looks up to Emma, literally looking up at everything she does. She does not look at Matt or I that way. She looks at us with a genuine love and happiness, but when she focuses in on Emma, her world just gets bigger as she watches her big sister. 

Charlotte is so interested in Emma, I've never seen such a thing. She smiles at her, talks to her, and her eyes follow Emma's every move. 

Emma is getting more and more responsive to Charlotte's needs all the time. When I'm not looking she lies on her tummy with Charly and just looks at her. Sometimes I'll overhear her say, "okay baby?" or "kay Charly?" as if they are having their own secret conversation. 

She likes to feed her, and help her roll onto her back when she's gotten stuck on her stomach. Anytime Charlotte cries, Emma looks at me and says, "oh! baby's crying!" and runs over to Charly to see if she's Okay. 

Being a Mom is hard work.

Real hard work.

But the reward I get from the hard work means more to me than anything else on this earth could give me. After sacrificing all that I have mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially, I would give more just to see their smiley faces and receive their precious hugs and love. How thankful I am to be a Mother, and how much more now will I cherish hearing the word "Mom, Mama, Mommy" come from my toddler's lips? So much more. 


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