Friday, April 5, 2013

The Drive...

So we left Utah about 5p.m. Thursday night, feeling good, and ready for the long drive. We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel (Matt's favorite) and let Emma run around for about half an hour. After that, we hit the road and both girls did really well. 

We loaded up our Kindle Fire with lots of Disney movies, including a few that Emma had never seen before. She fell in love with Beauty and the Beast, which is one we introduced to her about a week before the trip. She refers to it as "Beast" and wanted to watch that one the most during the drive. We also showed her Aladdin, which she loved as well (how can you not love Disney?) and when the Tiger comes up out of the sand, she says, "Spooky kiki!" It is freaking adorable.

She loved the movies so much, that she stayed up until midnight (1am MST), before finally passing out. And I mean, she was talking to me one second, and then I looked over to respond and she was out cold. 

That was also during our car break down fiasco. 

It was a pretty terrifying feeling to be stuck with our two girls in the backseat. Luckily we had stopped at a gas station in Mesquite to fill up, and the car started running funny. Matt got out and lifted up the hood and within a few seconds there was a huge puff of white smoke that burst out from the car. 

Um, yikes?

We are in now way "car people" and thought of the worst right away. We for sure knew that smoke coming out of your car engine was not a good thing. 

After talking to my brother, Matt's Dad, and each other, we thought it was best to find a hotel for the night and figure it out in the morning. 

Apparently, hotels fill up over Easter weekend and we could not find any vacancies. The only thing we could find was at the luxurious Highland Estates Hotel Resort, which was an attachment to Highland Estates Retirement Community...

It came complete with a hide-a-way bed in the couch and a full service kitchen. It had a nice retirement feel to it, but we were grateful to have a place to crash for the night, even if it smelt like old people. 

We woke up and Matt went out to get the car checked on, however there wasn't anything really open and we wanted to hit the road. We prayed about it, and both felt good to continue on our trip, with the thought in both of our minds that maybe Heavenly Father just needed us off the road that night. 

The girls still did great on the rest of the drive, we stopped at a really ghetto park in Baker, CA to let Emma run around, and then after that we drove straight to Cali! 

We arrived around 2:30 and hit the pool right away! Emma loved it, she would have stayed in there all day. She has no fear when it comes to water, and would just jump off wherever so we had to really watch her. Crazy fish baby!

Aunt Mar getting some Charlotte squishes

We had a great first day, and ended it relaxing and being with family. So glad we finally made it and still had our car and sanity intact! 

Stay tuned for more Cali updates! If Miss Charlotte lets me put her down today, I'll get some more pictures up :)

The Twistles


  1. So your car is totally fine then? Love all the pictures and I'm glad you guys had a fun time!

    1. Yeah, our car seems to be running well! It definitely needs a tune up, but nothing seriously wrong. Thank goodness!