Thursday, April 11, 2013


Why does it seem like the trip home takes so much longer than the arrival at the beginning of a vacation? Maybe because you are looking forward to vacation so the long travel time is worth it, and going home is well, boring... so it seems to take longer because you just want to be home already. 

We left bright and early after seeing Matt's parents off so Aunt Mar could take them to the airport. After 3 years, it still doesn't get any easier saying goodbye! I told Matt on the drive home that I don't know how he has handled saying goodbye to his parents so much since he moved to Utah. It is so hard! Especially now since we have Emma and Charlotte, knowing that they won't get to see Gramma and Poppa for a few months is killer! Someday.... we will all be close together and we won't have to say goodbye anymore! ;)

The drive home was pretty uneventful, except for the huge car explosion just outside of Baker, Ca. It had traffic at a complete stop for about half an hour, so Emma got to get up front with Dad and "drive" the car. She thought it was awesome!

stuck in traffic...

The rest of the trip went like this:

Emma and Charlotte both slept off and on, I was jumping into the back to feed Charlotte and watch movies with Emma, and Matt drove like a Rockstar. 

We stopped in St. George to get food and let Emma play at the park. She loved it! We stayed for about an hour before packing up and hitting the road again. We pulled into our driveway about 11:30p.m. and Emma was still awake, much to my surprise! She crashed immediately after putting her down in her bed. 

I still have laundry that is waiting to be done. I hate laundry.

We miss California and our family so much, it's just not the same without them around.

Until next time! 

The Twistles

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