Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's A Twistle Easter!

Easter Sunday we planned on going to church at the ward by Matt's Aunt's house... but that plan was thwarted when we arrived only to find out it was the Spanish ward. Matt's response: "At least I can understand it!"

Yeah, we left... at least our intentions were there, right?

When we got home, we found out that Aunt Mar had bought a whole Costco size box of Oreos for us to enjoy. So enjoy we did! Emma got to eat some Oreos with her Poppa, and she loved it!

Oreo face!

After our Oreo binge, we colored some Easter eggs, which Emma thoroughly enjoyed! She got pretty excited when the eggs came out all different colors.

Gramma trying to avoid getting splashed as Emma dropped the eggs in...

Lil' Alexander got in on the dyeing fun!

Charlotte got bored and decided to do some yoga

The weather was a little colder that day, and I think it also rained a bit off and on. We got Emma's Easter basket ready, and hid all the eggs outside. When it stopped raining, we all went out and watched Emma go on her very own Easter egg hunt. It was too adorable for words! She would get so excited with each egg she saw and shout, "Oh Candy Egg!!" as she picked it up and shook it before putting it in her basket.

unloading her Easter stash

Easter babies!

We had a great Easter! Hope you all did too!

The Twistles

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