Friday, April 12, 2013

One Park, Two Park, Two Park!

We live in a condo/townhome community, so within walking distance there are about 4 playgrounds near us. By walking distance, I mean it takes us 2 minutes to get from one playground to the next. Emma loves this, and after playing on one will ask, "two park Mama?" which means she wants to go to another park to play. Her counting skills really go up to two, because she will say "one park, two park, two park!" as she counts how many parks we have. 

Since the weather has been warmer, we have been going outside every chance we get. We go to every playground until Emma is ready for the next one. Charlotte contently sits in her carseat and takes leisurely naps as I push the stroller from one location to the next. 

Here's Emma climbing up the "rock wall" at one of the playgrounds, with Dad's help of course:

Being able to get outside has done WONDERS for Emma, and has brought back my sanity. I was going stir crazy being cooped up inside all winter, so just getting outside for an hour makes such a big difference! All the girls in the Entwistle house feel so much better when we can get some sunshine. Gotta love that Vitamin D!

I already posted these videos on FB, so forgive me if they are repeats. Today we did our park run, and on the last one we found Wall-E. Well, we found a Wall-E toy that was left in the dirt. Emma was completely beside herself, she couldn't believe Wall-E was at the playground! She proceeded to take his hand, and walk him all over the playground having mini conversations with him. They went down the slide, jumped off the edge, and she even caught him as he slid down the slide all by himself. 

We left him there, since I'm sure some poor child would come looking for their lost Wall-E toy... and luckily Emma was distracted by everything else that she didn't even think about him as we left. It sure was cute while it lasted, and so cool that we found him right after watching that movie in California! Perfect timing Wall-E.

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