Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life With A Toddler

We love our Emma, and every day she does things that make us laugh. 


I have 3 videos to prove it.

She likes to have multiples of things. If I give her a battery (which she is obsessed with), she wants "one more battery". If I give her a penny, she wants "one more money" until I tell her  there are no more. Then, she happily takes her stash of whatever she has into her room to put it into her bowls, cups, or anything else that she can find. 

She knows there are power in numbers.

Yesterday I found her outside with a spoon and a bowl full of coins. 

She promised she wasn't eating them...

Later that night...

She loves to watch Little Einsteins, and has ever since she was a little baby. Recently, she's been responding to her Little Einstein friends when they ask for her help. Last night, she had to help cool the hot, hot volcano with Annie doing the "coola hula". She just started doing it and I found myself sitting back and laughing with her. 

And last but not least... the "mommy's lip" incident. 

She loves my lipstick. It's not really lipstick, it's like a chaptstick/lipgloss in a tube. Tomato Tamato, anyways... 

Whenever I put it on, it has to be out of sight of Emma. Otherwise, she will ask for it, look for it, and then plead to have my lipstick. 

She does not forget about it. 

So today, at our friends little girl's birthday party, I thought she was distracted enough with all the fun birthday activities, that she wouldn't notice me putting on my lipstick in plain sight. 


She has eagle eyes that focused right in on me, and bee lined it for my pocket. So, I let her have it and she carried it around the entire time, even sharing with the birthday girl, Zoey:

Getting it away from her is near impossible. Everything fades in comparison to Mommy's lip.

I let her have it for the car ride home, and after a few minutes of complete silence in the backseat, Matt turned around to see if she had fallen asleep. Nope. She had just smothered my lipstick all over her face, hands, and hair. 

She definitely keeps me on my toes. The other day, she had my spray bottle full of water (another thing she is obsessed with, WATER), and was spraying our couch with it. I asked her not to spray water on the couch and she said, "No Mommy, wash couch, look!" and scrubbed the couch with her little toddler hands as if she was actually washing it. I just had to laugh, because she came up with that really quick! 

I love her, and I love these moments! Gosh, she makes me laugh!! 

The Twistles

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