Wednesday, April 10, 2013

California Dreamin'

Between Friday and Monday we relaxed and enjoyed family time. That was the best. It made the trip seem longer than it really was, which was an amazing feeling. The last thing you want is to feel like you have to drive home when it feels like you just drove there. Not at all the case for us. Here's a few pictures and videos of our vacation, that don't really fall into a category... well I guess it falls into the "Lazy and Loving it" category. 

This was a beautiful scenic road called Sequoia Ave... can you guess why?

Vacation Life... Mom Entwistle and Uncle Kelley

Emma LOVED getting spun around in this chair. I thought by the 5th time she would puke, but she just kept saying, "again!"

Here's Emma getting spun around and around. Watch her eyes at the very end, it was so funny! 

Matt and his Dad took Emma to the park where she dominated the slide for the first time! Before she needed help to stay up straight as she went down the slide. Matt said he went up to help her and she looked at him and said, "stay Daddy, stay" and went down all by herself and didn't lean or fall backwards. Now she can go down slides all by herself and it is so fun to watch! The things she learns by just watching other kids is amazing to me!

Here she is in the swing holding on to her puppy, after all, she's part of the family too!

After nap time, Charlotte gets a little dream gaze going on, where she just kind of contently stares until she's really awake. She woke up to Gramma Entwistle, and just looked deep into her eyes until we had to pull her away for pictures. It was too cute!

Easter Oreo Emma

Easter Charly

Easter Cousins 
In Emma's Easter basket there was a yo-yo, but she didn't know how to use it so she got Uncle Kelley to help. By the end of the trip, Emma had really connected with Uncle Kelley and relentlessly played the "boo!" game with him almost every day. She also called him "Telley" or "Tenney" and everytime he left the room she'd say, "heyyyy! Where'd Telley go?" 

On the last night of our trip, we let Emma stay up past bedtime so she could watch her new favorite movie, "Wall-E" for the second time. She cuddled up next to Uncle Kelley and even shared some of her goldfish with him. The next day as we were leaving, Uncle Kelley gave Emma his copy of Wall-E to take home. We have watched it almost every day since! She calls it the Robot movie, and asks to watch it all the time. Thanks Uncle Kelley, that meant so much to us! We are so glad that Emma got to know her Aunt Mar Mar and Uncle Kelley.
(Aunt Marilyn bought her a bunny necklace and matching bracelet, and every time she wears it she says, "pretty from Mar Mar". She sure does love you both! 

I had to have some of this delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice. To die for, sooo good!

Emma was magnetized to Uncle Kelley's office, and couldn't stay away no matter how many times I asked her to leave his things alone. I snuck in and took a few pictures of her before calling her name and asking her what she was doing. She gave me the classic guilty look of surprise.


"Hi Mommy!"

Pre-Charlotte, being happy and smiley... before we pierced her ears. Yep, that happened! She was NOT happy, and screamed louder than shot day at the doctor's. She is a little dramatic, and anytime she gets hurt/surprised/etc, it literally takes her an hour to calm down. It's like she is still so upset that we allowed anything to happen to her, and that makes her so mad that she cries again! The ear piercing was worse because we did that on purpose. After about 30 mins of her being upset, she calmed down and was a happy girl again. They haven't bothered her at all, and are healing just fine! So cute!

"oh hey guys, what's going on? Why is everyone looking at me like that?"

"How could you?!"

"I trusted you!" mid-sob

Just a few hours after, happy again!

Emma giving her stank eye look

Sisters! Aunt Marilyn and Momma Entwistle

Uncle Kelley, Mom Entwistle, Aunt Marilyn

Gramma had the touch with Charlotte this trip, and got her to sleep every time

We love our family! Miss you guys already!

The Twistles

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