Friday, June 8, 2012

The Things Emma Learns

Emma has the best babysitter/second Momma in the world! It is no coincidence how Anne McRae and her family became part of our family. Last May, Matt and I were out of options for day care for Emma. Finances wouldn't allow me to stay at home, and we were unable to afford daycare. Emma was only 3 months old, and we desperately wanted to find someone who would love our little angel as much as we did. By the Hand of God, Anne was placed in our lives. She was sweet as sugar, and made us feel so comfortable knowing that Emma was with her all day. Little did we know at the time, that when Emma was being born, Anne was undergoing surgery to permanently prevent any more children in her life (she has two of the sweetest kids you will ever meet). I'm not sure if you all believe that God knows our personal circumstances, but our experience proves to me that He does. We needed Anne, and she needed Emma, and neither of us really knew it, but He did. In her I found a dear friend, who is willing to sacrifice part of her life, to help us in our time of need.

Over the last year, Anne has become less of a sitter, and more of a great friend (We call her Auntie Anne now). We have found that we have so much in common, and it's brought us closer together (another reason for me to believe that God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought her into our life). She is one of the best Mom's I know, and has so much patience for her kids (she may not agree, but I see it). Best of all, Emma LOVES Anne and her Kami and Kadan, I mean, over the top, so excited to see them, LOVE. If I even mention their names, she smiles and starts to giggle. Anne and I joke that we would make great sister wives, because we think alike and our kids act like family anyways! 

Well, since Emma is over there 3 full days a week, she learns a lot from Kami and Kadan. She's an only child (until baby #2 comes), but she has been raised as if she has siblings. She knows how to share, and how to play nice because of the relationship she has with Anne's sweet kids. 

She also comes home, and does the funniest things-- walking on her hands and feet

and turning around and around in circles until she falls

oh, and I can't forget about driving her car around with accompanying sounds...

I surprisingly always wonder where she picks this stuff up, but then I have to laugh, and realize she is just watching her older friends and doing what they do. I have so much respect and love for the McRae's, and how they have raised their kids. Like me, Anne has been through a rough past, but she has come out shining as we all do when we embrace the light. She is always willing to help us, even if it means she has to give up doing the things she wants to do. It amazes me that God knew how much we needed each other, and how He saw the bigger picture. I can't imagine life without the McRae's!

Here are some videos of Emma doing what she's learned from her friends, enjoy!!

We ♥ the McRae's!!

The Twistles

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