Monday, June 18, 2012

Natural History Museum of Utah

Last Saturday we took Emma to the newly remodeled Natural History Museum up on the UofU campus. It looks so nice from the outside, and is even better once you go in. There are so many things for kids to learn and do there, and Emma had a blast. She was in sensory overload and was running all over the place. Her favorite spot was the water/stream area, where she could play with the plastic insects and animals in the running stream. I think it will be someplace we visit often, because Emma is free and so am I because I am a UofU employee. It was fun to go, and we got some cute pictures of Emma running around too!

Note: You'll see a lot of Emma's head, she just wouldn't stop long enough to get a good picture!

Crawling in the caves

"You guys, this is so cool!!"

Emma and me ♥

"Disssss?!" It's how she shows us things... we think she's saying, "This?!"

They have lizards/snakes at toddler eye level, she loved it!

Writing on the chalk board

Just finding some buried bones...

Playing this cool marble game/display with Dad-- love that tongue!

Family photo, Emma was so not interested.

We are enjoying summer, hope everyone else is too!
The Twistles

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