Friday, June 8, 2012

It's A Girl!

We had my ultrasound on June 5th, and I'm carrying another little girl inside! We are ridiculously excited, and could not be happier! I think Matt is even more excited than I am that we're having another girl! He has fallen so in love with Emma, and thinks little girls are the best :)

I was thinking of posting the video of my ultrasound, but I just re-watched it, and it's pretty boring if you're not us. She did yawn a few times on the ultrasound, and she sucked on her fingers too. She is folded up in half, and her feet are touching her head, and it seemed as if she tried grabbing her legs with her hands a few times. 

We feel like we understand pregnancy and babies so much more this time around, and we really appreciate the small stuff. Because we understand it more, it makes us that much more excited to have another baby. Unless physically impossible, I don't get why some parents stop at just having one! So far this experience has been great. 

This pregnancy, instead of thinking, "I still have 4 months left..." I am thinking, "holy crap! I only have 4 months left!!" It has gone by so fast already, and I know that October will be here soon. Luckily we have everything for a baby girl, so the things we mostly need will be diapers/wipes/formula, which is better than having to start from scratch with Emma.

We are so lucky to welcome another baby into our family, and we can't wait! Here are the ultrasound pictures of our new little girl, her first photo shoot!

The Twistles

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