Friday, June 8, 2012

May Updates And Happenings

The month of May wasn't too busy, which is nice because sometimes as it gets warmer, our weekends turn a little crazy. We had Mother's Day at my Grandma's house, where Emma was able to play in Grandma Walker's large backyard, and also see her cousins. Matt bought me a nice new crock pot, which we have made many yummy meals in since. 

We visited Grandpa Walker's grave with the family over Memorial Day, and took some pictures that I'll post as well. We also went with the McRae's to a "secret" and awesome park called Coppertone Park. It's a mini-Liberty Park on the West side, with lots of trees and a really cool playground. 

Things around our home are pretty quiet, nothing out of the ordinary to report on. Matt is really enjoying his new job, and is doing really well at it too. I am hoping to be done with work after I have baby #2, I can't imagine how we will manage two kids in daycare and Matt and I both working. Being a Mom is what I love to do, and hopefully soon I can do it full time!

Here are some pictures of our family in May, and also a cute little video of Emma reading her books. We hope you are all having a great summer with lots of fun things to do!!

walking with her cousin Tristan

She loves Tristan!

vroom, vroom!

This would be her, "oooooh!" face

If you notice, the tongue is out...

Eating Nutella crepes, yummy and messy!

And the mess goes right into her hair, she does this with every meal, drives me nuts!

playing on Dad's legs at the cemetery

Grandma Walker and Emma

Cutesies! Owen and Crissy

The Twistles

Dennis, braving the outdoors, just a few days after his surgery

Daddy and Emma, too cute!

Playing at Coppertone Park

I caught her just relaxing on the floor watching cartoons

She loves her puppy!

Emma was reading her books, and then came over to have me read one to her. I turned the camera video screen around, so that I could still see what I was recording while still having it on Emma. She thought it was pretty cool that she could see herself on the camera screen, and kept looking up and shooting a sly smile when she saw herself. It was pretty funny!

 Have a great summer!
The Twistles

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  1. Love it! I love all the videos and pictures. Emma really does have a language all her own. Miss you guys, let me know when you can come visit!