Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camping Adventure 2012

Ok, I know what you must be thinking-- "prego went camping?" Yes. Yes I did. And I will have you know I made it one whole night before bailing out.

We left Friday and drove 2 hours up to Aspen Campground, where we met up with Owen and Crissy. I agreed to go camping because I was promised shade, and there was plenty of it! I am so used to desert camping, where there are no trees and just sage brush for scenery, that it was a pleasant surprise to be welcomed by so much shade and a nice breeze. I was told to pack heavy for the night, because it can get cold. Again, me, used to desert camping thought, "psshh, OK, I'll pack heavy..." I didn't pack heavy, I packed our comforter and one extra thin blanket for us to use. Well... I found out it wasn't the best idea to ignore the warning to pack heavy. 

Matt and I literally froze, and had to use each other's body heat for warmth (I swear it got down to at least 40 or 45 degrees).

I think at one point during the night, Matt's legs and arms were wrapped around me in some kind of UFC wrestling hold. On top of that, our air mattress deflated, and we kept rolling into each other and had to keep re-positioning ourselves throughout the night. To keep ourselves sane, we joked that we were going to be on the show, "I almost died". We really almost died.

Emma, on the other hand, slept like a rock. Luckily, I packed 4 good heavy blankets for her to use, and she slept under her warm cocoon all night without a peep. She woke up at her usual time of 7 a.m., just chatting away, while Matt and I were just thankful we made it through the night without freezing to death.

Saturday was nice, once it warmed up and the sun came out (normal Utah camping weather, super cold in the morning, then super hot in the afternoon). We took a walk down to the river, and let Emma play in the water. She has no fear, and wanted to wade right into the middle of the river. I tried to convince her that the shallow water was much more fun, and eventually she was Ok with it.

Owen and Crissy both caught fish (yay!) and we all had a nice time kicking back and taking in the scenery. I contemplated staying another night, but just could not face the chance of freezing again, and sleeping on that horrifying air mattress. We made dinner and then left shortly after that. It was  good experience for me, realizing how much of a camper I'm not while pregnant. I don't know if I could go on anymore camping trips this summer!   

We did get some pretty amazing pictures, including Emma with a handful of toasted marshmallow! 

Emma's marshmallow beard
marshmallow hands!

coloring with Uncle Owen

Getting dirty is fun!

oh, hey guys...

the scenery


fisherman Owen

We got her to stay put for about 10 mins by letting her throw rocks in the river


best way to find fish is to jump in... right?

All tuckered out...

Having some watermelon with Auntie Crissy!

Me putting down our comforter.... little did I know...

We survived!

Yeah for camping? We'll try again next year...

The Twistles

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