Monday, May 21, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant

So some days, I forget I'm pregnant (and then I remember when I am getting dressed and nothing fits). Recently I've been so busy with work, and then coming home and being Mom to Emma and wife to Matty, that I do forget that I can't do as much as I was able to before I got pregnant. When I am out of breath I think, "what is going on? Why can't I breathe, and why am I out of breath from just rolling over to my other side??" Oh yeah, it's cause I'm pregnant! It's kind of like that with everything. Pretty awesome. Stairs? Yeah, I hate stairs. Good thing I've got about 14 to walk up and down to our house every day. That's awesome too. 

I have been feeling great lately (besides the whole "out of breath" dilemma), and the 2nd trimester has definitely been treating me well so far. I just had a baby check up last week, and the doctor said the baby is growing fine and was able to hear the heartbeat which she said is beating at normal speed (150 times per minute!) I scheduled an ultrasound for June 5th where we will be finding out the sex of our little Thumper. I will be happy with a boy or girl, just as long as the baby is healthy! 

I have been feeling small little flicks of movement, which is always super cool to feel. Last night, I had Matty feel my stomach so that he could feel where my uterus was (I know that sounds weird), and as he put his hand on the right side of my abdomen, we both felt a little kick of movement right where his hand was! I know I had felt it, but I wasn't sure if Matt did, but he got excited and said that he had felt a kick too! It was a really special and cool moment for us. It's like the baby knew that his Daddy's hand was there. 

I know I complain a lot about being pregnant, and how awful it is for me, but these little moments always make me stop and realize how special it is to be pregnant. I recognize I'm carrying a sweet child of God, and I am so grateful that I have been blessed to be a Mommy. 

And don't worry, when we find out what we're having, I'll be blasting it from all my social media sites, I will be so excited! 

My baby is the size of a sweet potato, how sweet! 

We love you all!!

The Twistles  

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