Monday, May 21, 2012

Lauging With The Hiccups

Emma gets hiccups, all the time. Usually it's right before bedtime, because we've been playing with her and she has been laughing. I know this bugs me more than it does her, but I hate the hiccups, and I hate when she gets them too! She has gotten them ever since she was a baby, and there is nothing worse in this world to me, than hiccups (Ok, maybe a few things, but I won't go into that right now). I won't say that I hate many things, but I do hate the hiccups. 

Yesterday during lunch, Emma did something that made Matt and I laugh so hard. She realized how fun that was, and started "fake" laughing herself. Mouth wide open, full of food, just making herself laugh. Then the hiccups came, because of course she was inhaling all that air, and so she would fake laugh, and then hiccup, and then laugh because she had the hiccups. Matt and I were busting out laughing, which made her keep laughing because of our response. All in all, it was a fun family moment, and I'm so glad we got it on camera. She is one fun little girl. 

p.s. You can see me in this video trying to get her to drink some water to get rid of her hiccups, I just can't stand by and watch her have the hiccups, it drives me nuts!

The Twistles

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